Celecoxib - 7767 100

Celecoxib - 7767 100

Drug: Celecoxib

Brand: Celebrex

Strength: 100mg

Mfr: Pfizer (Pharmacia)

Type: NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) with very mild analgesic activity.

Size: 17.5mm long, 6mm diameter capsule

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

NOTES: NSAIDs have been linked, especially in patients using them over a long period or in high dosage, to a VERY significant rise in the possibility of sudden heart attack or stroke; celecoxib is one of the most dangerous of these yet identified, along with diclofenac sodium or potassium, and naproxen has replaced their use in a high number owing to the lower risk associated with that drug (the best of many evils?). Also associated with high risk of stomach ulceration and internal bleeding, which has proven fatal in many recorded cases. There is much research ongoing to find more benign substances which have the same clinical effects, but none of the risks.The commonly used aspirin and, especially, ibuprofen, also carry these risks, although in The case of aspirin, the heart attack/stroke factor may be discounted as it has a thinning effect on the blood which actually LESSENS heart attack risk when taken in dosage of 75mg daily.

Their analgesic value is not high (not much greater than paracetamol, aka acetaminophen) and with most arthritis and spondylosis patients, a good analgesic needs to be taken in conjunction with any anti-inflammatory prescribed.