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hydromorphone and methadone

I'm wondering why hydromorphone and methadone are not included in the list of opioid analgesics

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One Thing...

I don't know if this has been brought up or not yet, but basically - Please no more questions that are similar in anyway to: "How can I get my doctor to increase my Valium/Vicodin/Roxicodone" or "How do I tell my doctor I want 2MG Xanax Bars or Fentanyl Patches?"

I just skip over 'em and hope everyone else does as well.


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I think moving the P

I think moving the PM function to another spot on the page is a good idea.  It's really hard to see where its at.  Some people didn't even know that there was a PM function.  Now that I know where to look, it's just second nature, but I think it would be used more if it was in a more prominent spot on the page...Ray