Please help. Small round blue inscribed "ARDIN"

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Hi, I've been told this is generic valium from Hong Kong. Has anyone ever seen this? Thanks very much.

small round blue inscribed ARDIN

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I cannot say for sure, but

I cannot say for sure, but it looks like you have a version of Claritin made by Korea Pharma Co.,LTD 

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Ardin Pakistan diazepam

Followed a link to this - which is the Korean BRAND NAME drug, and not the debated 'FZ'/Ardin blue 10mg PK diazepam under discussion there.

Is this relevant? Yes, should anybody else dollow rhe same link as I.

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Cant see the picture

I cant see the picture but since you said they are Valium and Ardin brand I figure they are probably these. The first link is a picture of the pill with the Ardin imprint, and the second link is a picture of the strips of 10 that they come in. They are made in Pakistan.


Link 1-


Link 2-


Are these the same as the pills you have? If not let me know and I will do some more searching off of the Pharmer website. Please let me know, Rich