oxycodone delayed release?

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Just a note on the imprint. Purdue Canada's ON are the same tablet as the US 'OP' therefore the subjective strength would be similar to the white 'OC' 10mg and is very likely to cause some nasty gastric side effects. Canada never marketed any tablet marked 'OC' - before Purdue US introduced 'OP' after real OxyContin was banned 6 years back, the Canadian tablets were embossed 'CDN', & 'EX' for those placed on the Mexican market. Only the US has ONLY the 'abuse proofed' pills, and the rest of the world continues to use original 'OC's, all made by the company that held the original patent, Bard Pharma, and marketed/distributed by one of Napp, Qdem or Mundipharma. The 'plastinated', gel based (HARD gel), abuse proof pills are completely unknown outside North America and Bard have no intention of producing such a pill; they are on record as saying that they could not sacrifice quality and potency just because a small minority of users of such a widespread analgesic use them recreationally; far too many patients rely upon the analgesia given by original 'OC' pills.