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Before you search for pill imprints, please read this article - Searching for Pill Imprints.

This help feature has been on the front page for over a year now. The intent is to help you easily find what you are looking for while using our search engine.

Every day we read our logs so that we can make improvements to help you find your information faster.

We constantly see people searching for imprints that aren't found. Yet in most instances we have images or posts of the same pills.

The searchers can't find the imprints or pictures because they don't understand the search process.

Less information is best.

Search for the numbers and/or letters only. Don't use colors, shapes etc. The unique pill imprint is the most important item.

Color, score, shape and other descriptions do not help your search - these extra items bring up all other pills with similar characteristics. Remember that the markings are the most important items.

If you are looking for images, use the advanced search feature. Check 'image' and search for the medicine name or imprint. If we have an image of your pill, the title will appear.

We are always glad to help you if you can't find what you are searching for. Post your question in our Pill Identification forum, and one of our regular posters will help you.

But some people prefer to do it alone, and we understand that. For the people that like to search, our hints are intended to help you find your information quickly.