Fake Xanax GG 249?

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Fake Greenstone G3722 bars floating around N.TX

I got 8 fakes about 2 months ago. Look similar to the real ones but these are too chalky, and are completely missing the indention on the back where You can break it on half. These fake G3722 are completely flat on both sides,chalky and taste Absolutely nething like xanax.
Just be on the lookout

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Sandoz 2mg fakes

These are the most commonly counterfeited of any alprazolam make. There are a multitude of places online selling fake punch dies for the TDP-# series of tabletting machines (which are most popular with counterfeiters); both these and USA-imprint brand Xanax dies are available; there have been many US-imprint bars seen in Scotland recently which feel as if there is some sort of benzo in them, similar to around 0.5mg alprazolam. It is absolutely impossible to find any bars (real) bearing the 'XANAX' & '2' markings in Europe. They are found exclusively in the US. Xanax elsewhere is marked 'U94'.

Because the Sandoz USA bars are a lot weaker than any European 2mg alprazolam of which I am aware, people tend not to buy them anyway.

Can anybody tell me why there appear to be some bars purporting to be by Sandoz where the imprint is horizontal rather than the more commonly seen vertical? (ie numbers along length of bar, and not running downwards when bar is held in a vertical position, which all real bars I have seen carry, as in Goat's picture on the first page of this thread). I am assuming that those horizontally embossed bars are all counterfeit, but am I correct in that assumption?