Ancient pill needs identification

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Here is a very interesting email we received:


Hi, I found your website while doing research on an old prescription bottle full of pills, and i'm trying to identify what they might be or what general class the drugs would probably be in, so that I can have a better picture of the history of the original owner. I clean out estates and deal antiques, and found these in a very interesting old box that was packed with a bunch of dresses and lingerie and newlywed-type stuff, obviously for a trip or honeymoon or wedding that never happened. Anyway, any insight or info on the pills you might could provide would be much appreciated. Or if you know of where a better place might be to inquire just point me in the right direction. I'm attaching 2 pics of the pills and bottle to this email. Pills are small, round and light blue (photo is overexposed and they appear white but are blue), and the only imprint is "McNeil" on one side of the pills. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


I wrote back and asked a few more questions wanting to know size of pill and if it is scored.  Answer follows:


sure, go ahead and post that's fine. one side of the pill is scored, the other has mcneil on it and yes, across diameter. no worries about the editing on the names on the bottles--theyre of no relation to me and way to old to matter. Unfortunately there's no date on the scrip but i have reason to believe from the context that it was issued around the mid-40s, possibly as late as early 50s but i highly doubt later than that. i could of course be wrong though. As far as the size--- I don't have any of those pills on me to compare but i'd say they're pretty small, maybe the size of a klonopin, the small green ones? not sure of the milligram i'm referring to but i can take another photo of the pill next to an ibuprofen or another (modern) prescription if that helps. let me know. Thanks so much for your help! Keep me posted so I can follow any info or updates.


Author sent two images:


Ancient Pill Bottle

Ancient Pill


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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possibly haloperidol 10 mg

if flat tablet, very likely haloperidol 10 mg.  might be 9 mm across

if bi-convex and possibly another color that faded to blue, possibly butabarbital

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dates mcneil haloperidol

I'd have to research to see when discontinued, but think maybe earliest would be 1967 or 1968

edit:  earliest date of manufacture (year of introduction) 1967-1968

Benzodiazepam D...
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The pictures don't help out

The pictures don't help out very much, though the bottle should help date or at least aid in their identity..... I highly doubt it's butabarbital (most ones I've had imprinted "butisol Sodium" on one side.... I'd like to see more of the Rx bottle only seeing half where the words " Safetly.... Bedtime" lead me to think there's more written there....