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i am just wandering what kind of people are also in this group im 27 mom of 4 married i have chronic back pain due to tramatic pregnancies that is why i am familiar or not so familier with certain pills i also care for my sick mother so some of her meds confuse me so that is why im here i know the forums arent really for this but i m just asking

thanks for your time prego2634

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I'm a scientist by day, !%!^

I'm a scientist by day, !%!^ by night.  I originally started out by  helping my friend set up this web site, but my competitive nature couldn't resist trying to identify the pills.  Not much experience in the pill dept aside from the I-2s and some 512s this summer for this:


I do find the biochemisty and pharmcokinetics of drugs fascinating. 

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Mother by Day and Night

Some hardware, mitomac!  Ouch - looks like the fork could be more uncomfortable than the bone break(s)?

To answer prego2634's question "Who are you?" - I'm a housewife and mother to twin girls and one boy, all teenagers.  Good kids so far.

My husband has several medical problems and takes lots of meds.  About a year ago he got a couple of prescriptions and within a week was very ill - sick enough to be hospitalized.  After many tests it was discovered one of the medications was to blame.  He received the wrong prescription, and we didn't know the difference!

So I now check his medications thoroughly.  I bought a subscription to a reference source and use it all the time.   And, speaking of time, I have plenty of time when the kids are in school.   So  I use the pill ID reference and check pills for other people.  It's good to help others.  And it helps me - the more I use the reference, the cheaper each pill ID is.

So that is "who I am." 


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hi my name is jenny.

hi my name is jenny.


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Computer guy with

Computer guy with pain/stress/sleeping problems

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I'm an accountant with way too much time on my hands. And I like games, so I started identifying pill imprints for a hobby.  Each imprint is a mini puzzle waiting to be identified.

Like Princess, I enjoy helping others identify their pills.

Unlike mitomac, I'm not at all interested in the chemical makeup or dynamics of pills.   I like the physical appearances - the colors, shapes and logos.  Some pills are miniature works of art.

It's fun researching and very satisfying when the puzzles are solved.

I'm not a pharmacist or a medical doctor. This message is not medical advice nor is it an offer to provide medical advice. All drug identifications should be validated by a licensed MD or pharmacist.
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Maintenance man

I got hurt a couple of years ago, prescribed lorcet for the injury with no refills. When the script ran out a co-worker tried to Sell me some of his. Every lorcet that I had ever seen started with a "M"........His didn't look nothing like that so I didn't buy them and then started doing searches on the internet and found this place......Long story short, I and all my friends that confide RX questions to me, come here first. What's so cool about this place, I haven't seen any body judging anybody else, just simply stating facts or experiences. Great place to be.

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who am i

I'm a 22 year old male auto technician whose shattered his right arm a couple years

ago and after surgeries to rebuild the damage i did due to a motorcycle accident.

And then broke two of the bones in my left hand, which again required surgery, just

a few months ago (at least this time it DIDN"T envolve a moving vehicle). So

now i have a bone that will not fuse with the bone graphs in my right arm, causing

constant pain, and two bones that are still healing in the left.  Makes working on

cars fun. Now i get RX pain killers that are different generics - which makes this

wonderful site very useful in identifying the different pills.  Thanks.

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Computer Technician & Paramedic

I hope this post isn't too late but I thought that I should also introduce myself.

I am a now retired computer/telecommunications technician who also happens to be a former Paramedic trained in Pharmacology.  I find medicine to be fasinating and I had plans to attend medical school but, unfortunately, things do not always go as planned.

I am also no stranger to the world of chronic pain as I suffer from MS and various forms of nerve pain such as Sensorimotor Neuropathy and Degenerative Disc Disease.  Hence the reason I am retired.

I love to help my fellow man and chronic pain patient out when ever they need some advice, so please feel free to ask.

Take care


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Never too late....

Me.. I'm a telecom tech working towards my CCNA. I found this site when I was looking up a pill I had and couldn't remember what it was. Stayed on to help others to be able to identify the pills that they need identifying. So much so, that I'm a member of all three leading sites.

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i might as well join the

i might as well join the fun. i am 29, recentley discharged from the united states navy due to injuries sustained while on active duty. i now work at a hospital -still for the federal government and just enjoy the hunt and fun of iding pills!:)