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The use of images in posts is an important tool in confirming the identification of any medication.  There are two different mechanisms for displaying images in posts.

  1. Inlining images (linking to off-site images)
  2. Uploading images (add your image to the collection) and including images from the galleries.

To inline an image, click the tree icon on toolbar.  Enter the URL of image you want to include in the post. For example: (don't forget the "http://").  All the other fields on the form are optional.

To upload an image, click "Create content" in your user menu on the right hand side of the screen and choose "Add Image".  On the next upload image form, please include a title and a brief description of your image.  Please choose the Contributed Gallery from the drop-down menu.  We will add our standard template and then move the image to the proper gallery as soon as possible.   Do not upload copyrighted images.   Please also see the forum topic regarding the use of copyrighted images.

To include an image from a gallery in your post, select (highlight) the entire image and copy the image with the 'copy' command.  Don't use the 'copy image' command.  After copying the image, simply paste the image into the text box.  If the image is too large, you can adjust the size by changing the measurements in the tree icon box or you can grab a corner of the image and resize it by dragging the corner toward the center of the picture.

Page updated 01-29-09

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make the work flow easier

If I know its destined for foriegn, I'll just save u the work and put it right in there!  How about that?Cool

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If I know its destined for foriegn, I'll just save u the work and put it right in there!  How about that?


Thanks acey, but we prefer that images are uploaded to the Contrib Gallery.Smile

If all images are in one place we can ensure that all identified pill images will have our standard template for the medicine description.   And consistent tags can be added to the images.  Basically the tags should read manufacturer, color, shape, generic name, brand name, RX or OTC, country (if foreign), and type of med.