Just got prescribed Somas- how mny can i take in a day?

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Im curious because the effect only lasts about 3 hours and thats on 4 somas!  From what Ive read your only supposed to take one at a time, however, im withdrawing from other meds and I dont get an effect unless I take 4 or more.  Can someone assure me that I wont OD? I have a very high tolerance and i want to take more, ive already had 7 today and Im still not content.  I was for the 2-3 hours it worked, but please I need realistic answers, not "this os going to happen to you if you take this many!"....I weigh 240 lbs. and I think im entitled to more.  Please let me know.

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#3 a day is what I take and anymore imo is abuse. If you think someone on this forum will ok your wish to say its fine to take X amount of meds...wrong.