How to Afford Oxycodone ER medication, insurance says No it is not Generic

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I wish the DEA would keep their GD hands out of medicine.  Go after the small % of lazy @!^ people who have no pain but say they do because a DR. removed a wart on their nose 15 years ago. They always want roxicet, roxicodone,10mg percocet you know all the big ticket items that they charge $10.00 to $30.00 per pill. I think the DEA is afraid because most of these people carry guns.  Drs. don't so they go after them because it's safer for them. Our government should stay out the medical field and the Drs. will stay out of the Law Enforcement field.

Rocker Dan
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to to afford oxycontin

I found out tht the old rule of no generrrric,then brand has to be filled is almost a forgotin thing when it comes down to it in 2015.Nowdays a form from your Doctor a P.D.A.P.a form your pharmacy can furnish filled out by your Doctor should be enough for this to happen.I did however find some doctors mostly the time and peopleat the pharmacy speding time addressing helpping.Alot of people are doing one of them,and good luck,Rocker Dan

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Awful days

It has been horrible trying to get scripts filled around here.

About every 2nd month I spend 7-15 days waiting on FTD patches and oxycodone... I was in the hospital Monday..bp was 200/120...I got a patch....ridiculous.