BuTrans for Pain Management in USA

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Border cross

I'm not sure, but I think as long as it's a prescription in your name, issued by a Canadian doctor, for, say something that might have happened to you during your visit here, the border guards shouldn't have the right to confiscate a legitimate prescription.  I don't know your border rules on this, but I have a friend that travels to the U.S. all the time with his Oxycontin, as he has crushed vertibrae in his back, and can't do anything without being ability to manage pain...he comes and goes, always with his Rx, and I think everyone recognizes the Oxycontin name.  Maybe if they don't recognize the name of the drug they'd be less likely to flag or freak out over it? 

My doctor is more like a friend, easy to talk to, and doesn't stick to prejudices about medication...if someone needs it, they get it.  If you have a medical report that diagnoses you with an illness, and say you ran out,  most Canadian doctors would give you a refill.  They just watch for people that ask for stuff and have no apparent need for it, or any hospital report, etc...  I've heard some horror stories from friends visiting the U.S.   I love your country, but it'd be nice if CPP didn't have to jump through so many hoops, or profiled unjustly.

All the best from your friends up North...

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yes i agree 100% DS-cowboy

yes i agree 100% DS-cowboy good post there..And ye doug i think its a down south thing bc canadains dont try to come here like they do down south...Heck we prolly dont even have a fence up there lol