Buprenorphine - Tablet or film form?

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I am currently on daily Methadone maintenance of 45ml per day. Over the next three weeks I am dropping 5ml per week until I am on 30ml at which stage they can begin to titrate me on to Subutex.

Could anybody recommend whether I should go onto the tablet or the film form? From internet research and watching videos, I tend to think I'd prefer the films.

If anybody has any experience in this I would love to hear any opinions. I am very new to Buprenorphine and have next to no experience with it. I barely knew what it was until a few weeks ago when my drug worker explained and recommended it to me.

I currently have depression, extreme social phobia and a lack of motivation, so my drug worker believes Buprenorphine will be the better option for me. I have had a very hard time coming off Methadone with suicidal thoughts with deep depression and apparently Buprenorphne is alot easier to come off, with a "clearer" head and more motivation. I despise Methadone and want to be opiate free asap.

Any and all advice would be appreciated :)


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I suggest

  Take a look at past posts on that subject...its been touched on often in the past...things are a bit slow lately.  search engine upper right

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Thanks for the advice

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I know this medicine has multiple uses

I was on the butrans patch- loves it. But I was prescribed it for pain. I don't believe it can be prescribed for dependence issues.

I hope you are doing well and would love to learn if in fact you are transitioned to buprenorphine yet.

Hope to hear back.

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I had the 8mg subutex tabs

I had the 8mg subutex tabs made by roxane and they are straight magic! if it is your first time using subutex and also your first time quiting opiates it might take a few days to get your brain used to the drug but after day 3 they will def start working and all I can say is they work like magic! If some of you guys on opiates want your life back just get ahold of some subutex. I like it way more then suboxone for some reason maybe the naloxone makes me feel bad bu the subutex is straight 6mg buprenorphine. 

I was able to kick a 6 year habit with subutex tablets but you don;t want to stay on the subutex to long because even subutex is addictive and you have to use enough to feel better abnd then immediately slowly taper off. best thing anybody with a opiate problem can do is use subutex tabs. Subutex is literally a ife saver and i wish some of my friends who have died due to prescription drug abuse would not of given up on subutex so fast. very sad! They would use subutex or suboxone for 1 day and it would not work right away so they would just give up on it.

subutex is a way better option then methadone! The key is just to taper off the subutex right away!

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It looks like my clinic are no longer letting me go on subs because of my benzo use but I need them for my anxiety which they don't seem to understand, so I've kind of lost my drive to go on them. Although I do still really want to transition. The "harm reduction" clinics as they like call themselves are such a drain on the tax payer and do very little hard reduction.

I'm furious, national health service my @!^!!