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60mg Oxycontin

Purdue Pharma makes the 60mg dose of Oxycontin. The 60 mg cr is simply the old OC. No other company makes a 60mg oxycodone tablet in the United States, don't know about anywhere else in the world. Soon it'll only be OP 60's until another company can make generics, won't be for awhile cuz the 15, 30, and 60mg Oxycontin, oxycodone er cr now whatever, only have been on the market a couple of years.


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Purdue's "Monopoly" on OC

Purdue doesn't have a monopoly on OC but it does have the next best thing . . . a valid and stll running patent. This patent will be up soon so they have made a slight change in the formula by polymerizing the release barrier which supposedly makes it harder to abuse. this "tweaking" will allow Purdue to patent this "NEW" drug while the Generic manufacturers can slowly start to make a generic version of the old formulation.

 My main complaint with OC is that it is not a true "Extended Release" formulation like the various transdermal patches (FTD) are. OxyContin, in it's original formula has a "Bi-Phasic" release system . . . this means that an OxyContin 40mg releases 40mgs of oxycodone as soon as it reaches your stomach and upper intestines. Then, anywhere from 2 to 8 hours later, the remaining 40mgs are released . . . this discrepancy in release times is due to the amount of and ph balance of your stomach acid. It also depends on when you had your last meal, how well your particular metabolism breaks down the release barrier, as well as a lot of other factors.

When Purdue won it's suit against Mylan or another generic manufacturer (I can't remember the exact one, sorry 'bout that.) over a minor technicality based on a manufacturing change in '06-'07, they regained their patent rights. In my book, Purdue and Ethex represent the worst part of Big Pharma.

One more thing, when the generic OC's were yanked off the shelves in '07 my Pharmacist recommended that I try taking OxyIR instead. It's substantially cheaper and you have more control over its release time. If you are Rx'ed OC40mg 2/d, you simply take an OxyIR30mg and an OxyIR10mg every 4 to 6 hours. That's what I did and I felt one heckola of a lot better.

                                                 Good luck and less pain . . . Q

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