15 mg KVK-T oxycodone vs. Mallinkrodt 15 mg

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Today receiveced new 15 mg oxycodone  pill with K 8 with a slash between the letter K and the number 8. It was plain on the other side and is light green but a slightly darker green than the Mallinkrodt 15 mg pill. Have to take for chronic pain and the new pills do not give any relief at all. This is 12-12-2011. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems getting the Mallinkrodt oxycodone in any strength? And if so do they help you with pain at all? Just confused and unhappy. Anyone??



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Not familiar with K/8 pill . . .

Abgrl,  the manufacturer's name is usually on the label but you have to have a mag. glass to read it. If it is stated on the label that you are getting 15mgs of Oxy IR then odds are that's what you've got. There are all sorts of discussions as to the varying strengths of the generic manufacturer's products over the few years that I've been on this site and it comes down to "They are all basically the same." Are you OK with that? At one time Mallinkcrodt was the most villified generic out there and now I see so many pharmers singing it's praises . . . go figure . . . Q