The World's Deadliest Drug...

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Just watched this excellent short documentary on concentrated scopolamine that's used in Columbia as a TRUE date-rape drug, but even worse.  It is only used by criminals to get people to empty their bank accounts, among other things.  The victim doesn't even act as though they are drugged; they are in a completely lucid state, yet totally compliant to the criminal's command - like, let's go to the ATM, give me all your belongings, etc.  After the drug wears off, they find themselves on a park bench, with days of missing time and all their assets gone.  I always knew datura and scopolamine were deliriants not to mess with, but in ultra-concentrated small doses it's possible to turn someone into your personal slave.  Anyone who would make a conscious effort to try this stuff is crazy.  Only in Columbia...the stuff grows everywhere! 

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