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Hi all what is the strongest Sleeping Pill made in the USA and how hard is it to get them, Like now it is 7:31am EST and I havn't been asleep all night the cause of me not being able to sleep is a Medical  Reason, I dont need the Pills 7 days a week ussly 1 or 2 times a week But the Doctors Just dont want to talk about sleeping Pills anymoore, I know it, wrong but I will go to Mexico if I have to in order to get some sleep. TY all.Jim

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If the language you used to have a conversation with your doctor "aid" you and "suggest" to you a certain sleeping medication, it's because it really sounds like you came across with "drug seeking behaviour." All doctors are trained to try their best to identify those and not give them what "they want." There are a variety of sleep aids OTC and Rx that can be tried. Asking for the strongest one with your doctor will not get him to write you an Rx for you. I personally take temazepam and it works great for me, but I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get that written for what is going on 2+ years for me now.  You may just follow doctors orders - please don't go doctor shopping, it always ends up bad. best of luck and hopefully you'll get some decent sleep soon.


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I KNOW this is extremely old,

I KNOW this is extremely old, but there are two over-the-counter medications which are far more effective than any of the awful 'z' drugs and many of the hypnotic benzodiazepines, and there's Old Faithful, Chloral hydrate 414mg.

The OTC meds in question are: doxylamine succinate 25mg, and even better, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, available in 25 and the excellent 50mg strength. One study found a few people who actually found these both more effective than secobarbital sodium!

I live in a town where there is not a single doctor who is willing to prescribe any sleep meds at all, no matter how badly your life is being affected and for very little money I can get stronger meds than any doctor is likely to be prescribing anyway.

Or you could find some flutoprazepam (Restas 2mg brand) which are available only in Japan but which are superb at both inducing and maintaining sleep. Nobody should need more than a 10 day course to reset their body clock. There are also sleep specialists at hispitals who spend much of their time dealing with shift workers who have terrible trouble in adapting to changes from early to day to back shifts, and who work in industries which can not afford to have people working whose jobs entail working with heavy machinery or driving the public on buses or trains; jobs where public safety could be at risk should lack of sleep affect performance. 

I just did a 7 day 50mg diphenhydramine course and I am now managing to go to bed every night at 11 and be up and fresh at 7 each morning. They say 'lack of sleep never killed anybody'. Garbage. Lack of sleep has contributed to so many deaths and injuries you would think it might be acknowledged by the medical profession!

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  temazepam i think was restoril but need to verify that

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Temazepam comes in different brand names around the world but that is why in my old reply I used the word temazepam. In the US, temazepam is generic to Restoril (brand name).