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This is where I see some major irony.  I had a hernia and I am not on opiate maintenance but I have taken stimulants for hyperactivity since I was 12 and I get the same treatment because I am hyper and need high dosages due to metabolizing them too fast.  I had one doc that reduced my dose and I was so obnoxious and childish it was embarrassing.

I am, however related to opiate addicts and when I had a hernia operation, I was given dilaudid 8 mg tabs and I had 30 of them, I called to ask for 5 more and I was treated like &*&?, the ER gave me Vicodin which was good because when I don't need it, it makes me itch so bad I can't sleep and develop manic symptoms.  But my relatives can go to the ER and fake illness and walk out with 2-3 opiate meds each.  I don't understand why the real doctor shoppers seem to somehow not get treated like the rest of us.  I take opiates after surgeries for pain which is seldom.  But I see people that [censored] or shoot them in my family and they get what they want.  I put my meds in a safe or walk around with them in my backpack when they are around or take old klonopin bottles and put 5 mg haldol tabs (from when my mom died) in there and they stole them and it made me feel good... I took a half of one, slept for 3 days and was out of it for a week.  And not just Dr. Shoppers drug dealers, people faking ADHD to lose weight etc.

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Many faces of malpractice

I can't tell you how upset I get when I read about how the DEA dictates what doctors prescribe and what we can and can't have in our medicine cabinets. I am a prisoner of war in this war on drugs. I was in a car accident in 1977 and have never been the same. Femur fracturex4. shattered radius and ulna, both knees went through the floor of my car and it took firefighters an hour to extract me. Part of my femur went through the skin of my leg and was sticking out of my jeans. Since I went through the windshield, you can only imagine what my face looked like and how many plastic surgeries I had to fix it. Of course I have never been the same.

In 2002 I had circultion problems misdagnosed as nerve damage. For months I was told I had gout.. Since I am a RN, I KNEW I didn't have gout but nobody would listen to me. My PCP thought I was looking for pain meds. That changed when both of my feet turned black and ice cold. Three days after admission I had a stent placed and duriing the procedure I began to experience pain in my right flank. The pain not only continued but got much much worse during the day. The nurses assumed I was drug seeking since angio is relatively painless. They refused to call my doctor because they said he already knew. I spent the entire night in the fetal position trying desperately not to move.

The next morning my nurse listened to report and immediately called the doctors. She let me know she believed me and knew I was in trouble. The other nurse told her I slept comfortably through the night. I heard my doctors running down the hall and within minutes I was in a wheelchair being sped to CAT scan. I had a kidney infarction either from a cholesterol storm or a clot to my right kidney. I lost 65% function. I was put on a morphine PCA the next morning released with a script of percocet. I spent one night at home and the next morning when I got up I peed frank blood all over myself and the floor. My cardiologist told me nothing was wrong but since I didnt think that was normal, I went to the ER. They could not believe what I had been through and told me I had every right to expect pain relief. The Doc in charge of the ER told me if my doc wouldnt cover me for pain meds to come back and he would. In addition, he called my doc to explain what was going on. I dont know what caused the bleed but they filled me with fluids before I left and I had to see a nephrologist. Because my PCP didn't feel comfortable filling my percocet he referred me to a pain clinic. There I was prescribed a fentanyl patch and eventually percocet or fentanyl x*#&ers for breakthrough. I NEVER got better....only worse. My left foot turned black and below my waist ALL of my pulses had to be dopplered. I was told the stent was clotted and there was no blood flow to the bottom half of my body. I had continually told my cardiologist the stent was occluded but he told me I was wrong. By 2002 I needed a bypass which did not go well. An operation that was supposed to take about an hour took over 8 and I wound up in intensive care. I was given a rather small dose of morphine post op by PCA. I did not respond to the medication because the dose was so small and I continually screamed at the doctors and nurses to let me die. I have NEVER experienced anything like that in my life.

After a few months of the duragesic patch and percocet, the pain resolved itself and the pain clinic and I parted ways. I tapered off the meds with NO adverse effects. A few months later, my left leg started to swell to nearly three times its size. I was diagnosed with nothing and everything. Two pain clinics and a PCP later I was told I had lymphedema which was treated at the wound clinic. One of my pain doctors decided he would stop treating pain and concentrate on anesthesia. The next clinic stopped treating me because I had no percocet in my system. By then I was back on the patch and taking percocet for breakthrough. I had brought the remainder of my pills with me to my appointment but I hadnt taken any that day. A urine test confirmed what I had told them, no percocet in the system. My next appointment, same thing. I brought the remainder of my pills with me, but hadn't taken any yet. Another urine test and she dropped me. I don't understand that and never will. Next pain clinic would only prescribe me duragesic and nothing else. They don't beleive in short acting meds. I was being undermedicated and they just didn't care. New doctor referred me to a different pain doctor who I adored. We had a wonderful relationship for over 3 years. I signed a contract with him and did not violate it. Since I did not drive due to my meds, I had asked for my prescriptions early. By early I mean I asked for the paper early. Across the script was written the date it was due to be filled. In other words, I COULDN"T fill them before they were due. In August 2012, my husband went to the office to pick up my prescriptions and was told I HAD to pick them up. He had to drive all the way home and get me then go back. Before they gave me my scripts I had to take a drug test. I didn't think it was a big deal. I got my scripts and he took me home. A few days later I got a certified letter from the doctor telling me he was releasing me from practice because I violated the contract. I could NOT believe it. I had NEVER even had my meds filled at a different pharmacy!  I talked to the doctor and he told me I was doctor shopping. He would not believe me in spite of my offering to take a polygraph test. I came to find out he was referring to 2 trips I made to the ER back in Feb. I had told him at my appointment I had visited the ER. My PCP TOLD ME TO GO! I told him they ordered percocet for me and when I talked to him before he let me go, he said, "that was a long time ago". Yes, it was 6 MONTHS before. The doctor accused me of selling or giving away my pills. He was upset because I had no percs in my system when he took the test. My meds were due the 2 of the month fell on sunday. I HAD to pick up my prescription but again, written across was "DO NOT FILL UNTIL 9/2", I had gone to the beach earlier in August and had hurt myself so I took more percocets than I should have but although I was out of them, I didn't even ask for them early. His mind was made up and he refused to listen.

Now I go to a pain doctor who is absolutely horrible. I was using the patch when I came to him but he took me off, no tapering, and put me on opana. At first the meds were giving me terrible headaches and I was vomiting. I went back and he asked me if the patch was better. I told him it was and he told me to find another doctor. He gave me a list of three. The first pain doc is no longer treating with narcotics. The second moved out of state in 2011 and the last one I saw before and we just clashed. When I asked him what to do, BOTH the pain doc and the PA told me to go to the ER. I did and when they called the clinic the PA told them not to treat me. And they went along with that, sending me home without even looking at me. I went home and went through withdrawl. I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. He sent me opana and raised the dose to 20. I didn't want to take them but really had little choice. The pain in my legs is a 8 or 9 out of 10 and is constant burning. Eventally, the headaches got better and the vomiting stopped but this med gives me little relief. He gave me percocet for the breakthrough but I can only take one every 6 hours. I just recently went to see him and tell him I need help. He referred me to a clinic that incorporates aerobics (I am legally disabled, and things like learning how to lift. . He refused to raise my meds.

Meanwhile, back at my PCP office, my doctor left the practice and has not been replaced. Any time I call with for a new pain referral, the office never follows through. They dont call or fax my records. I have an appointment with a new PCP in a week. I am hoping he helps me at least by advocating for me.

My pain is so bad now I have no life. I can barely walk because my feet and legs hurt so bad. My skin is starting to look and feel like leather and from the knee down to my toes, is reddish brown from venous insufficiency. I am now labeled as a "seeker" by the emergency rooms in my area and one of the doctors even told me my leg "doesn't hurt". He never once even LOOKED at it. I didnt even get undressed. He said it was chronic pain and the ER doesnt treat chronic pain. He said I misusing the ER. I told him he was a really lousy doctor and he told me he has heard that before. I wasn't surprised. I am suffering so badly I am losing the will to live. I have been diagnosed twice with RSD. I have had 7 injections into my back which never worked and I am refusing any more.

I feel like a prisoner in this War on Drugs


I just dont know where to go or what to do