the way some people say certain medications

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Something that drives me nuts are the people that are too early to pick up meds and get loud.

Two examples in Vermont are Klonopin... they call them "kuh-lodd-o-pin.

Another is I believe Suboxone... here they call them "Beuts"

those are two I can think of.

Is anyone else anal about that?

Maybe it is my dual citizenship and zweitsprachigkeit in the German Language that makes me so anal about it.

My mom's parents came from there too and meine Oma always spoke German and she taught me it extensively and it is very structured and she drilled pronunciation into my head.

who knows but it annoys me for some reason.

I have ADHD so pardon my sporadic random posts.

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zweitsprachigkeit means

zweitsprachigkeit means bilingual.  I am fluent in the ones I picked up as a kid.  My neighbors were from Tehran in Iran and left when the Shah took over.  Amazingly enough, I have taken paid trips to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to translate Farsi because I sound native.  Plus in those situations, it is all reading from a teleprompter.  It beats the court cases involving Afghanis who speak Dari which is pretty much close but uses different words and grammar for a lot of the translating/interpreting but I have been there and done that so many times, I can understand them.  They understand me just fine.  That has more to do with tones and and emphasis on certain things etc.  It is hard to explain, I have to diffuse blow ups from the other interpreter who has a Master's Degree in Farsi, she learned it as a second language and is smart and knows her vocab but she messes up on tones and sets them off a lot.

I am sure it has to do with my background but still, it annoys me

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I agree with your 1st post

im Canadian so Clonazepams are just that... No one says Klonopin, on the other had my overseas connects and the fact most Canadians are European ;P. They use Rivitrol....  I'm sure ppl here would know Rivitrol over Klonopin.....

i read a while back that Rivitrol is the most selling med..???  I dunno 

as for suboxone. Up here "zones" are what we call the ones with the narcan/naltrexone 

and "subs" are for the good Buprenorphine,  I actually got my doctor to switch from suboxone to subtex  By telling him the naltrexone is causing my migraines to flare up, so then I'd want Fiorcet (butabarbital n codeine) back. Or put me on the subtex, also they are a fraction of the cost cause we have generics now  (of subutex)

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Med pronunciation.

edited by gtrplayer- we don't need the slang names for medications. Wrong site for that type of chit-chat.