Please, consider the following, both when asking a question, and receiving an answer

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Hey, fellow Pharmers,

Lately, it seems there has been a lot of nonchalant answers being given to some posters who have questions regarding their dosage, and what to expect, etc, etc.

As a golden rule; please remember that nothing you read on this board is being offerred as a substitute for common sense, or as an alternative to speaking with your doctor. I am compelled to write this because of one recent post that really, really made me do a double take.

Think of this site, when it comes to published, or viewable, content to be tantamount to cooler talk amongst a group of friends. NEVER assume that anyone here is a doctor, or a pharmacist. Likewise, while there are very many, very, very, many smart and well educated people on this site- none claim to ever be offering medical advice. As a patient, it is still your responsibility to fact check what you may read here, or anywhere, for that matter.

When answering someone who asks a question, PLEASE, if you feel you have to offer advice that may be out of line with their prescribing doctor's orders, realize that by doing so, or telling someone that mixing X with Y is fine- you may be punching their death ticket.

There is a fantastic set of checks and balances here, and I can only hope that those few who have contacted myself, as well as a couple other moderators, about bad, or erroneous information being posted, will continue to always alert us. While I, as well as Goat, and kirby, try to be on the site as much as possible- it is impossible that we will always catch every misleading statement. I know that there have been times where I have checked in, not as a logged in member, just to see what was posted, and upon noticing something that could potentially be life threatening to a poster had he/she taken information that they read; tried frantically to log on via my phone, only to realize that I do not know my password thanks to the built in password storage system on so many browsers that I have come to rely on.

Also, please remember that can not, and will not be held liable for any information, or misinformation, you may receive. That is a nice way of saying, it is always better to try to find things out through research, when possible. It is not easy, but it is rewarding.

This may seem like an odd post. Rest assured, this is J---. Goat, kirby; you two will receive more information via PM.