appeared on TV. Did You See It?

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For some reason, I am suffering from a serious bout of insomnia. As such, I have been watching a lot of television that, under normal circumstances, I probably would not watch. Then, about 5 minutes ago, I saw something on CIN (Comcast Television Subscribers can possibly access this show "On Demand") that I thought was really, really cool.

Season 1, Episode 04 of "The Squad: Prison Police" was airing, and the prison police were doing an investigation into who was smuggling drugs into the prison. This was a documentary by the way. About halfway through, the cops are talking, and discover some pills that were smuggled into the jail in a book. The officer that found the pills described them, and said, "They have a "60" on them." Then, they cut to the guy he was on the phone with. Turned out to be a narcotics task force member. Guess what his source was for identifying the pills? You guessed it,

I am going to try to find the episode on Youtube, so I can link to it. If you happen to find the episode online, Pharmer makes it's first appearance at about the 15 minute mark. (I assume, anyhow. It is 3:23 now, and I just rewound the episode so I could see where to direct your attention, and the time displayed is "3:15 am")

I am sorry, everyone, but I could not help but feel a little bit proud of seeing "our baby" on TV. Makes me proud to be affiliated with this site:)



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I'll look for it on Youtube, but if you find that that episode first definetly post it.  I don't have Comcast, so I can't look for it on their "On Demand", obviously.

Cool find!  I never doubted the authoities used the site, since there are a lot of pictures here that aren't on other pill ID sites.

- allgood

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 I would like to see that..

  Over the years I have chatted with a few law enforcement workers on Pharmer.  Some from other countries. 

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You have a right to be proud.  This is an awesome site, which helps a lot of people.

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We the people . . .

I sure am glad that it was us instead of a harm-reduction dsite. The writers could have gotten at least a minute or 3 of material on how to break inti Contin OP thereby dissing CPs. YAY US!!!