My knee gave out at 5am and I keep falling

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How awful for you, nhm . . .

My Wife, A5 had a similar problem with the leg not responding. After nuro tests showed blank as well as the over-hyped MRI test, she went to a sports med type of Doc that recommended arthroscopy. After a week from the 1 hour op. and 2 visits to the Physical Therapist she is much stronger but it is too early to tell. Best of luck and least of pain . . . Q

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If you are simply asking for

If you are simply asking for information on different things to try and it is a matter of throwing theories at the wall and see what sticks, you could talk to your doctor about trying Adderall or Dexadrine for a few weeks.  There were studies done where amphetamines were given to stroke victims right after a stroke and it greatly aided in the brain making new neural connections more quickly.  Recovery time was speeded up, but only when the amphetamines were administered within the first few weeks of the stroke.

May not apply here, but is something you could consider discussing with your new doctor, as your old one doesn't seem to be very proactive.