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I had mentioned this in another thread and I think that this deserves it's own.  I didn't want to detract from the original subject so I am starting a new one.  I wanted to clearly state that I have been to many, and I mean many of these types of websites with forums about CPers and their Dr.s and meds, treatments and such and I wanted to say that this one here, PHARMER is by far, the best, most informative and most interesting at least from where I sit it is.  So with that being said, I would like to Congratulate all of those people that work so hard to keep this place the way it is and that's not easy, I know.  Goat, you have done an amazing job and if anyone else deserves the credit, please, by all means TAKE IT.  CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that have helped carve out this little home away from home for many CP patients.  You all deserve and I think are owed a debt of gratitude.


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thank you

Smile thanks for the kind words. a week or so ago was my 5 year mark as a member on pharmer.

its been a learning experienceLaughing

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Happy belated anniversary

Happy belated anniversary Goat. I like the way you handle things around here. It's nice to read threads that really relate to chronic pain and not so much on how to skirt around the rules or get doctors to give more and more pain meds, but not to treat pain, rather to feed the addiction.

Anyway, you all do a great job here, and even though I don't post much, I do read every day and jump in when I think that I can add something........otherwise, I keep reading.

So thanks again for all you do.


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Vastly Agree...

With the exception of the occassional (and sometimes needed) "Q-Generic is far superior to V-Generic"... 'Topics', this site has always been my #1 turn-to for whats crackin' with the rest of the healthcare community. Shows us how so many are under-medicated - and in the same forum the exact opposite, an overly-medicated patient (*I shortly lost that status*). Pharmer allows Doctors, specialists, pharmacists, and the rest of us all to confer on serious topics and issues...

So very well done on the progress of the site - and too more progress. :)


{If my statement is non-sensical ~ I've been up 2 1/2 days. School/Anxiety/Adderall}

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To Goat the Great . . .

from Q the querious: You da man! Thanks for helping me on my first post and so many others since then. I hope that you will always be here, your steadying influence has helped diffuse the many arguements that are only to be expected when people in pain try to communicate. And here's a big fat smoocheroo to my pal Kirby too!

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thank you are a very good pharmer..but have you id. anything yet?  Wink

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This is a great site which

This is a great site which always gets a daily visit.  I have enjoyed the honest, straight forward information learned here and the personal experiences of others on the path of finding and living a quality life with signifcant pain. 

Thank you Goat for your work and that of our (f)phellow pharmers!