Whats the best generic/brand of Oxycodone 30mg

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i have a very bad spinal cord injury which induced other chronic injuries such as bulging and herniated discs muscle damage nerve damage fibromyalgia spinal stenosis foraminal stenosis and foraminal narrowing sciatica and PTSD just 2 name a few.....ive found that the A215s, 54199s, K9s and ALG265s work the best for me because with my back pain it doesnt just hurt in 1 localized part it hurts from the lower lumbar - the mid thoracic and thru years of trial and error i figured out that the different generics n brands help the different painful areas of my back but theres still so many different generics ive havent tried yet n i just wanted to see if any1 has any suggestions of which oxycodone 30mg generic works the BEST 4 their back pain!!!!!!!!!!!!




thanks and God Bless

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 cmon ppl SOMEONE has 2 have


cmon ppl SOMEONE has 2 have some sorta feedback!!!!!!!! ive been looking for a new PMD 4 a LONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG time now n now ii think i finally found 1 thats going to really help me only thing is is that he doesnt accept my insurance n im gnna hafta end up payn cash unfortunately....which i really dont care about THAT much as long as i get wht i really need 2 improve my quality of life.........i kno ppl who go there who arent even injured n r getting oxycodone 30mg #240-#360 a month along with anti anxiety meds and oxycodone/fentanyl or morphine patches and oxycontin 40-80mg #90-120 tablets a month.....i dont plan on taking ALL of these i just wanna start saving up some of my meds so i have a lil storage of them.....the only good thing is is that i kno my insurance will pay for the meds n even if they dont cover 240 of the oxy 30s ill pay 4 whatever isnt covered im sick of having a dr who doesnt even check me when iget in the office n when i explain all the &*&? thts hurting me he just says well i cant do EVERYTHING n im like honestly wht do u do besides read ur email while im trying 2 tell u im basically dying because of the wicked pain im in which is preventing me from eating as much as i should n gettn not nearly enough sleep as i should n all he says is well idk what 2 tell u.....WTF AM I PAYING U FOR THEN if ur gnna b like tht just give me the script pad and ill write wht i need u greedy $#&@$&?..............then he has the fn audacity 2 tell me 2 have a meaningless procedures that ive had done a thousand times b4....i just want my pain managed well enough 2 actually have a quality of life......is that 2 much 2 fn ask 4!?!??!??!?!??!!!!

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No legitimate dr would give

No legitimate dr would give you those amount of meds in those quantities I had to leave my last year of med school when I got sick. No one would be on multiple delayed release meds with multiple breakthrough meds, trust me you have no idea what you need. I went to med school and I don't know what I need. I started on oxy er and ir then I went to bupenorphine 20mcg patches and ketamine for break through then fentanyl 75 mcg/hr patches w opana IR and then out of no where my dr said let's try methadone and now I take 50mg 3 times a day with no breakthrough meds less side effects and once my blood serum level leveled out right it works around the clock , I never would have thought about trying it on my own a hy you worry more about the drs rAc9WYZaCfcredentials ans history than will he prescribe you

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nicely put

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