Terocin, Topical Pain Relief Lotion

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At my last appointment with my PM doctor he gave me a small 'retail' box containing 2 bottles of Terocin (also labeled as Terodolorcin).  I'd never heard of this stuff before and let me tell you the scent of the menthol is very, very strong - so strong in fact that I couldn't keep it in my bedroom (and I hadn't even opened the sealed bottles yet).  It wasn't making my eyes water or anything like that, it was just an annoyingly strong odor of the menthol.

In addition to the menthol (10%), this concoction contains (active ingredients) capsaicin (.025%), and lidocaine (2.5%) and Methyl Salicylate (25%). 

(Thankfully) I still haven't opened the bottles, and it's a good thing becuase today I received an EOB from my auto insurance company (my injuries are a result of a car accident).  Well, they aren't paying for this medication, stating they want "documentation of AWP for this drug to ensure proper reimbursement".  AWP, as I found out, stands for Average Wholesale Price.  Apparently they are as stunned as I am at the pirce the doctor's office is billing for this package of two 120ml bottles of Terocin...NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Now I know some drugs are expensive...yeah, I get that, but $900.00 for this?  I am upset.  I feel that I was duped.  I am going to take this stuff back to the doctor's office and, calmly and rationally, explain to the office staff that I simply cannot afford this product and that I feel it is extremely overpriced.  Additionally, I would have never accepted the product had I been told at the time that it costs $900.00.

When all is said and done, when my auto accident case finally settles, the $900.00 owed to the doctor, at this point, will be coming out of my settlement.  Even if it weren't coming out of my pocket, it still $^@*^@? me off because someone has to pay that bill - be it me, my auto insurance company, the other driver's auto insurance company, whomever - it's still ridiclous and is simply padding someones' pockets. 

Rant over...but I'm still !#*?%?.  I left a message for my medical claims rep for my auto insurance and will also be following up with my attorney on Monday.  I'll keep you all posted.

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That's hiway robbery. You can make that stuff at home with . .

the listed ingredients that are easily obtained otc. A GOOD RX TOPICAL NSAID GEL IS DICLOFENAC WHOSE ACTIVE INGREDIENT IS VOLTAREN. Sorry about the capos, a slip of the arthritis fingers. It works very well on my osteo-arthritic feet and hands. A 100g tube is about $50 . . . Q