suboxone vs. oxy

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hey, i was wondering what the milligram of suboxone level is compared to oxycodone?  in other words, how much sub would equal say 20mg of oxy?

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Are you addicted to narcotics?

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okay i can help you on this.

okay i can help you on this. there is no equivalent between oxy/suboxone. the whole point of suboxone is to give your brain and neurons the feeling of an opiate (called an opiate antagonist) but also the naloxone in it prevents it from '#$!&!#* you up'. so if you're addicted to oxy, then i'd probably say go to a suboxone clinic, then again, if you're only addicted to like 20mgs a day you could probably quit cold turkey with no help and be done with withdrawels in 4-7 days at the most. now, if you're not a *^#?* and you have weed to help you relax because your anxiety definitely gets raised when you're going through withdrawels, then it's not that bad. 4 days of ???$* vs a lifetime addiction is worth it. but back to your question, if you're looking to get high off subs, not a good idea. it'll further your issues with narcotics, and your tolerance will go up very fast if you blow them. i'd say, quit the pills if you have a problem, go to counseling, and get medical assistance if needed. the only good part about this day in age, we don't have to worry about going to an ER for help and then getting arrested, they will help you get on the path to recovery. i've been there twice, first i relapsed and i finally got my &??$ together, so i hope you will too. a sober life may not sound too fun, but when it comes to it, i dont want to die over a drug and hurt everyone around me...because an addiction affects everyone in your life whether or not you know it does. i hope this helped you..good luck.Laughing 

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To clarify suboxone contains

To clarify suboxone contains two drugs buphenorphine and naloxone at a 4:1 ratio.  The buphenorphine is a partial opiate agonist, although it is known to have some antagonistic properties itself.  The naloxone is an opiate antagonist and is really only there to deter IV usage and never gets in your system at a therapuetic level when taken sublingulaly.  It is hard to give an equivalency ratio but buphenorphine is I believe about 30-50X as strong as morphine, and morphine is about 2/3 the strength of oxycodone.  Therefore It would stand to reason that 20mg of oxycodone would equal about 1mg or so of buphenorphine.

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A few ???

Hello Kiki, I was just wondering if you know if suboxone helps for pain, I'm on a high daily dose  of oxy. and I was wondering if you knew if it would help with my pain as I would like to get off this medication but be 75% pain free. Thanks for any help you may have, Bob.

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Yes Suboxone helps with pain greatly...

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Suboxone is a combination medicine which contains buprenorphine and naloxone.  It is approved in the US for treatment of opioid dependence.

However, buprenorphine has been used for years, in Europe, for the management of pain.  Recently, the FDA approved a transdermal patch, called BuTrans, which contains buprenorphine, for the managment of pain, here in the US.

Switching from oxycodone (or any full opioid agonist) to buprenorphine is not as simple as just changing medicines.  Since buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist with a much higher affinity for the mu opioid receptors that other opioids, if it is taken too soon, it can actually precipitate full blown withdrawl symptoms.  Thus, you have to follow your physician's intructions carefully when making the switch.

Good luck and welcome to the Pharmer Phamily.



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Bob, I dont think kiki will

Bob, I dont think kiki will be answering anytime soon.  Kikis last post was in 2008.  Check out the dates above the poster.

I agree w/ cgm consult your doctor.

Suboxone differs from oxycodone in that it has a ceiling dose. Anything over a certain mg is useless and will not help.  I imagine that suboxone would be a good medication for those in moderate chronic pain but might be a poor choice for someone in severe chronic pain. Oxycodone, along with most other full agonist opiates, does not have a ceiling dose.  Titration can be continued until pain is relieved keeping in mind that the patient's tolerence must permit each dosage increase.

Oxycodone was a poor medication for me as well.  It never lasted very long and made me extremely hyperactive.  Some people swear by it.  Different people react diffently to diffent meds.  I wonder if you have tried methadone for pain management. I have found this to be the most effective medication I have tried with the fentanyl patch a close second but much too expensive and it didnt quite last the 3 days either. I hope you get on an effective regimen soon. Best wishes.


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Using Suboxone to detox from Oxycodone

How you doing,man...I hope well. answer your question, you can definitely switch from oxy to subs, because you will not go through any withdrawl symptoms. what you will need to do is this: first, try to get the suboxone 8mg tabs... you can identify them from the orange color on them,accompanied by a small sword on the one side of the pill. the other side should say:N8.....Their shape should be like a type of octagon shape. there is a small amount of a placebo additive in the pill,which gives it its sweet orange flavor. this is to help with tolerating the taste,if taking it sublingually(orally.) depending on the amount of oxycontin that you're on,you can start out by taking 2mg. of suboxone,(take the pill and break it into 4 pieces,they are very fragile,and they melt very easily too. so be careful where you store them!!!) put it under your tongue and let it melt. DO NOT SPIT OR TRY TO SWALLOW WHILE INGESTING THE MEDICINE!!!!  This will weaken the effect!!! it is absorbed by the membranes under your tongue,and you should start to feel the effects within 19 to 30mins. it seems like a long time,but the bup and the naloxone are binding and blocking your opiate receptors....but at the same time,it is allowing your brain to start producing dopamine,norepinephrine,and especially phenylethylamine(PEA) which target the "pleasure centers of the brain. the oxycontin creates it's rush by hooking up to the dopamine re-uptake transporter protein,thus blocking the reabsorbtion of dopamine. the neurotransmitter remains in the synapse and stimulates the postsynaptic receptor cells again and again,allowing the body to feel its effects over a prolonged period. this is why most people experience depression and anxiety,when going through detox from opiates. the suboxone prevents this from occuring. so, at the same time you're detoxing....your dopamine levels are increasing back to normal. when you're done with detox,you'll feel basically normal.this detox can be successfully completed usually in 4 to 7 days. but you need to taper your dosage of suboxone as you go. Day#2: take another 2mg. and it should hold you. but on the 3rd day,you want to start to taper off. but,if you can take an additional 2mg. dose on day 3 as well....but no more than that!!!! Day#4: take the 2mg. and split it to 1mg. that will be your dose for that day......don't worry,by this time.....1mg. will hold will not be sick at all during this detox!!! By this time,the oxycodone should be out of your system,since it is "water soluable," but varies from person to person,correlating with your BMI, (Body Mass Index) weight,height, and the dosage amount that you've been taking. but no more than 5days MAX. The effects of oxycodone only last about 1-2hours. after that,your body converts it to a substance called: "oxymorophone" this is what your body converts the oxycodone to,and stores it as;this is what you're getting rid of!!! Day#6: You should be down to 1mg. left on the original tablet. this will be your last dose of your regimen. take the 1mg. and you should feel fine the next day!!! if you don't,you can start on another tablet,but only take another 1mg. dose.....that's it!!!!  You can achieve your detox by only using one suboxone 8mg.tablet!!!! Like I varies,depending on the person. so,if you feel a little queasy on day can take "ONLY" an additional 1mg. but that's all you should need.....and you're all done.....FULLY DETOXED!!!! I hope that this works for you, or anybody else that may need to utilize this information. let me know,if you'd like...? P.S...... You may only feel a little weak,and your sleeping pattern may still be adjusting itself....which is normal.But the most important thing to remember,is that you have to remain strong through all of this!!!! Don't let your mind trick you into thinking that you're still sick......and you will persevere......I promise!!!!!    Good luck!!!                      pharmwizz72Cool

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pharmwizz72 wrote: ... 

pharmwizz72 wrote:
... answer your question, you can definitely switch from oxy to subs, because you will not go through any withdrawl symptoms.what you will need to do is this: first, try to get the suboxone 8mg tabs... you can identify them from the orange color on them,accompanied by a small sword on the one side of the pill. ...

You will go through WD if you take suboxone at the wrong time. How about we not offer up what we think might be good advice, but instead say that the person might get suboxone from a licensed MD. Don't tell a person what to take and how to take and identify it. How does anyone on a forum know what this person needs, what their history is, and if they have medical issues that might prevent the use of suboxone or any other kind of medication.

That is not helpful advise. Some people are already feeling desperate enough, but maybe they are just scared enough that they won't take something out of fear, then they read what you say, seeming like there is nothing to it and have an incredibly blasé attitude where this medication is concerned, when it should be treated with much more respect.


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the effects of suboxone if mixed with other opioids..detox cont.

there have been many misconceptions about using suboxone,while on a regimen of other opioids. I will briefly explain the truth behind these myths,of what effects one will experience when using suboxone to detox from other designer drugs,as well as [filtered word],etc...  First,let me tell you that I am a board certified pharmacologist, I have a doctorate in human anatomy and physiology, and I'm a recovering addict....8yrs. clean. so, I have extensive technical knowledge, as well as personal experience in these areas.....I can empathize with you on that basis. first,if you are considering utilizing a bupenorphine-naloxone mix to detox from opioids,there are only a few things you should know before going ahead with this... #1: i've read some posts on this site from people that have provided some useful, but often inaccurate information on this specific topic,as well as others. this can be potentially dangerous to an individual, who then,may be going blindly into a regimen of medications that they think they have conducted reliable research on,and that they'd received percise information....believed to be correct. if you have been on a regimen of opioids and you then introduce suboxone or (subutex) into your system....technically,one would believe that you would immediately begin to experience severe withdrawl symptoms,right....? WRONG!!  This is only the case if you try to utilize an opioid intravenously. The opiate molecules travel in the bloodstream for approximately 4seconds,when they are abruptly met by "Mister naloxone!" To keep it simple.....some molecules share their properties,and/or become one with one another. this is the case with naloxone-oxy/hydrocodone...etc. if the drug is adminstered "subdermally"or through a membrane....this will not occur. it is absorbed differently,and does not come in contact with the naloxone.which,is currently binded to the opiate receptors,and the dopamine re-uptake transporter proteins in the brain. but,unlike a normal opiate,that exibits agonistic characteristics and replaces dopamine itself,while dopamine levels are depleted.....naloxone does not interfere with dopamine production. in contrast,it allows the brain to replenish sufficient dopamine levels,while blocking short-acting analgesics and the like.therefore,after a detox period of 4-7 will basically feel normal afterwards,as long as you taper your dosages of suboxone as you go. the depression and anxiety associated with withdrawl is greatly lessened,because of this mechanism. This is the reason why people deemed suboxone "a miracle drug" in a sence,when it was introduced initially. but be forewarned:you can still quickly develop a dependence to it as well! tolerence levels are very quickly reached with this drug. and your dosage "ceiling" is different from traditional opioids!!! in my previous post, I elaborated on an effective way to detox with this drug,using the minimal amount possible....without developing a dependence to the same time...ridding your body of the left over "oxymorophone" that your body converted and stored away,as a direct result of an opiate dependence;that is the theory of physical dependence and why it occurs. Read my previous post for more information,if you're considering a detox regimen with this drug. Please let me know how it worked for you...? If you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic and/or other topics.....feel free to send me a question and I will be happy to assist you as accurately as can trust that statement!!         good luck to all....and to all a good night.              pharmwizz72