Pain Level 1-10 has changed to " Is your pain control adequate?" ???

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There seems to be a paradigm switch here in NM. On my last two appts. with my doctor I was first asked "How is your pain today?" And then, instead of the usual ,"Please rate it on a scale of 1-10." I was asked if I thought that my pain control was adequate. What a delightful difference! This simple question changed the reporting on pain to a subjective response rather than  the usual objective rating system. It also opened up a discussion of my pain treatment in a non-adversarial manner, I was being asked by my Dr. If I felt I needed a change in my meds, a change in the medical approach to my pain, a change in general.

I have read so many threads on this board that ask " How do I ask my Dr. for a change in my meds?" And this new, to me at least, approach has my Dr. asking me if I think my pain could be handled differently. Pain was also the very first subject covered in the monthly exam, elevating it to a prominent level of concern.

Has anyone else noticed this? Do any of you think that this does what I feel it does, ie. put the onus of asking for a med change, or pain control change, on the Dr's. shoulders instead of ours? I haven't  needed a change in my pain control regimen for 3 years but this question did make me think about my pain in a new way, it is as if I am being told that my Pain is OK, nothing to be ashamed of, we are here to relieve that for you. What a great feeling. . . Q