Oxycodone on a full stomach

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I remember reading that food

I remember reading that food has little or no effect on peak plasma levels (with the exception of high fat meals as noted by a previous poster), though I could be wrong here. I personally have never noticed much difference other than a slightly faster onset. I've read that taking said medication with grapefruit juice supposedly increases its "effect"  but as to the veracity of this claim... The simplest advice is take the medication as prescribed.


ah ha..


Food Effects

Food has no significant effect on the extent of absorption of oxycodone from OxyContin. However, the peak plasma concentration of oxycodone increased by 25% when a OxyContin 160 mg Tablet was administered with a high-fat meal.

I think they may have removed my information source, I was just citing so that people know I'm not talking out my arse, But a simple Google search will reveal where I got this info.







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the info has

been posted here many times before..read all the posts above yours...I did remove a competitors pill id link..no one is trying to discredit you

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full stomach

you are right about eating something before taking med, i do eat before taking mine, for i dont want pain------ the med im on is oxy.Wink

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I always like to take my pain

I always like to take my pain medication on an empty stomach.. and as soon as it kicks in, I eat.. that way I don't get sick. But if you take it on an empty stomach it will hit you harder and faster.

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Oxy on full Stomach

I am on Oxycodone 30MG 4 times a day and Oxycontin 40mg 2 times a day to help with the muscle pain from Lou Gehrig's. I have wondered the same question as when I take my early morning dose before I fill my stomach through my feeding tube, and it seems to work ok. However after food is put in my stomach I feel it is like throwing a pill in the trash. I am glad he brought this subject up. After meals I always put my 30MG under my tounge and let it disolve. Sorry for the errors but have O2 mask on and it makes the screen hard to see.

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Full or Empty Stomach

Taking your pain meds on an empty stomach will allow you to feel more of the side effects. Some of these are good like euphoria, but others like nausea will be prominant. I've found that eating a small meal that is FATTY like a cheeseburger is a great way to cut down on nausea but still feel the meds. Fat slows your digestion and allows your pain medication to be prolonged in your system digestion.

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Good point . . .

The fat will coat your stomach and that will help to avoid most of the nausea. Anyway, the med is absorbed through the walls of the small intestine so tha fatty cheeseburger will not get in the way. As to euphoria, I think that it helps us CPs. by distracting our minds from the pain . . . nothing wrong with that . . . 

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Yes it does effect

Yes it does. It will decrease it's effectiveness.

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