need help with benzodizaphine equivelent dosages

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Bromazepam made by Alaloid Skpje are seriously the best out there if used properly Dfe the best anxyiolitic

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Why the variation in information and dose response

I find that my body changes its response to the same bottle, day by day- not by building tolerance but by some variations in brain chemistry or digestive conditionn or some other mysterious change.

The charts are made from animal experimentation with rodents. The TAIL PINCH is one way: titrate the dosage until the response to a tail-pinch is the same. At that point a dosage equivaklence is determined.

Strangely we humans do not find the response in out brains and guts are not the same.

1. We are not rodents.

2. Finding a way to definitively find hu8man response equivalents is largely impossible, as we change from day to day in our response. In addition defining it is really difficult since it is so subjective.


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BZD Equivalence

PRN: Pro re Nata = as required.
Farfoot, those tablets you refer to by Alkaloid of Macedonia are the LEXILIUM brand which I mentioned back in 2008 as being best. If you can not get Roche 12mg LEXOTAN that is!
A generic clonazepam, in the usual strengths of 500mcg and 2mg, is now made for UK dispense by Auden McKenzie, and is at least as good as Roche Rivotril; the Roche-licenced Rivotril made by Galenika, the Serbian State pharmaceutical company, is subjectively best of all though, and I much prefer them to the Roche that I am dispensed 2mg tds (ter die sumendum = three times daily) as they seem far more effective and give a greater feeling of calm.
XANAX is still the only available brand of alprazolam sold in the UK, though the 1 and 2mg strengths have been deleted and the BNF advice is for maximum daily dosage of 1mg (2 x 500mcg) tds, ie 3mg/day. Not enough for me, and due to the exceedingly high price of Xanax here I had to change onto Lorazepam 2.5mg qds (four daily), which works out at a bit less than the alprazolam equivalent for my previous dose of 2mg tds.
The Ashton Manual and its equivalence table are NOT worked out from experimentation on rodents at all, but from the pure pharmacology and the clinical trials on human beings!
FYI the KSALOL brand of alprazolam which many adjudged to be the best on the market, is also made by Galenika. That company's products are all amongst the highest quality you will find anywhere. Their FLORMIDAL brand of the sedative-hypnotic midazolam, 15mg tablets used for sleep or for heavy sedation (and as first choice sedation now in UK hospitals and dentists with IV administration) is vastly superior to the Roche brand DORMICUM (tablets and ampoules, also branded HYPNOVEL in the UK and VERSED in USA) and the best choice for an hypnotic in my opinion, along with flunitrazepam and quazepam, which is the only BZD hypnotic which has been conclusively proven to give stage four REM sleep - why they are not more widely available is a complete mystery.
Finally they have realised that the 'Z' drugs are far more toxic and have much more severe side effects than benzodiazepines, and as a result are now classed as Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs. Zolpidem (Stilnoct, Ambien etc) in particular is extremely bad and I would never recommend it, or the other 'Z' drugs, to anybody who values their health!