Need advice on generic Percocet 10/325

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I am RXd Oxycodone/APAP 10/325mgx150 per month(5 pilss/day).The little mom and pop pharmacy I get them filled at is conveniently located right by my Dr's office.They know me by name and usually ask me if I want white or yellow.The white ones are Malincrodt and the yellows are either ABG or Amneal,I forget which.I have always gotten my prescription filled with Malincrodt since it's a brand I know and am fairly happy with.However,I have heard from several sources that the yellow brand is better.It supposedly lasts longer and has a stronger effect.I get my next RX in 9 days and was thinking of trying the yellow ones this time because I have chronic,acute pain from a surgery I had almost 20 years ago.Since this joint is degenerative and I have become very opioid tolerant due to how long I've needed pain medications and having been prescribed stronger medications back home in the past,any increase in effectiveness would be welcome.

Back home it was no big deal to get effective pain medication but in the area I now live in they are very tight on narcotic prescriptions(it's the rural south after all).This DR is the only one in the area willing to give me opioid pain medicine long term and they will not prescribe anything stronger or give me more of what I'm getting.I have a pain level beyond what 10mg of oxycodone can provide.Could someone with experience with Amneal or ABG(sorry,I forget what the pharmacist says the yellow ones are) generic Percocet 10/325 weigh in on this please and give your experiences/preference?I certainly need all the relief I can get so if the yellow ones are stronger I'll try them on my next visit.But I don't want to get something weaker than the Malincrodt and suffer through the next month with medication that isn't as good.I know the FDA allows a 20% loop hole between generics and name brand medications so generics can and do vary.Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry I wasn't much for percs, in Canada we had endocets

i just posted up a comparison chart of domestic opiates.....   Maybe what your looking for is there??   Just a though n I hope you get the info you need 

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It is human nature, seemingly, and very very common to hear "this company's Percocet is stronger, weaker, lasts longer, shorter, or whatever variance, than other companies or another specific company." In the U.S. bioavailability-equivalent formulations of specific preparations are called "AB-certified" which means drug has the same quality, and physical formulation, to the human body, has the same quantity and graph of blood level vs. time (pharmacokinetics) as the original trade name the generic drug is supposed to be the same as. AB rating is earned through proving this in double-blind clinical testing to the FDA, it is not a matter of trust or anything like that. There ARE, however, exceptions, I personally take one of these, levothyroxine (thyroid hormone T4). Or Coumadin (warfarin sodium anticoagulant), or Nitrostat (nitroglycerin sublingual), or Premarin (conjugated estrogens equine complex for menopausal females) and maybe a couple others that escape me for now. Any doctor worth his or her salt will insist on DO NOT SUBSTITUUTE Rx's for these specific drugs. Otherwise, however! The only thing that can happen to one generic drug over another is having it either be a counterfeit look-alike having zero effect, or be a substance such as levothyroxine that has a max. shelf life of 6 months and will readily degrade if stored above 70 degrees F., as well as be subject to breakdown unless precise manufacturing steps are practiced, or the agent be (especially these days) made in China or other corruption-plagued country where poor quality quickly obsalescent products are produced. Unfortunately, the U.S. as of today has no more major drug manufacturing in country. So if China, The Phillipines, etc. do not make stuff up to AB quality, the only recourse is to change to another pharmacy and hopefully another generic manufacturer and TRY YOUR LUCK there **sigh!** The U.S. in collusion with most large corporations wanted things this way, even though it remains slow self-destruction as an economic and security policy. (i.e. us, as end users, have no power to change it, other than to purchase your drugs from another, quality-successful country. Quality comes before cost with drugs, because if what you have is subtherapeutic, no cheap price can make up for a drug that DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

I personally know Mallincrodt oxycodone preps, since they are what my pharmacy uses. They are 100% full quality Percocet-equivalent tablets. Trust them and fair well!

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Stick with mallis

If I were you, that's what I would do. Why rock a completely comfortable boat for a very dubious award? Best of luck . . . Q

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it comes down to your

it comes down to your preference which one you prefer white or yellow. All brand name and generic drugs are made in the United States and governed by the Food and Drug Administration. So they all contain the same ingredients and amount of drug.