Mallinckrodt - a poor manufacturer?

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Does anyone know of a

Does anyone know of a pharmacy that doesn't use Mallickrodt?

It seems like they all do now. I don't know about the mom and pop pharmacies though.  

 Wal-mart used to have Amide and Roxanne but sadly they too have switched to Mallinckrodt.    When asked if they could change manufacturers you'd think I was committing a crime.   


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For stimulants

For stimulants (Ritalin/Adderall/Dexedrine), mallinckrodt has the paradoxical reputation of being the best generic, which is interesting if you consider how loathed they are among people prescribed painkillers.
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I'm just saying that

I'm just saying that personally i can't tell ANY difference....and i've had just about everthing made by everyone in the book...


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It is true the Mallinkrodts do not work

It is true, they really don't work, they give a queasy feeling and headache too.  It is not psychosomatic because I have been a pain patient for years and whenever I first got these I thought there was something wrong with my diet or something and then when the whole script kept not working I did some research into why different ones look different and discovered it was a different brand and have since avoided it most of the time except for giving it a chance a couple more times cuz it seemed so unlikely.  I have never had problems with any other ones not working.  It is not like I regularly expect my pain medication not to work.  I really think there is some major scam going on here and it is a shame that all pharmacists and doctors because they are not pain patients (or addicts) don't believe it.  It is really true.  There is a huge difference.  I am stuck with these now cuz they are the only ones I could get, and I have had a headache and general malaise and feeling very tense for the last 3 days I have been taking them and very little pain relief.  I usually have Watson and this doesn't happen.  I am really mad that to get rid of my pain I have to take something that gives me a headache!!

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I really don't trust myself.

I'm not really sure about this.  Watson has always seemed to work better for me than any other, and I have always hated Mallinckrodt.

Whenever I had Watson hydrocodone, one tab would work fine for the pain.  But, if I was taking Mallinckrodt I'd have to take 2-3 for the same effect.

From my experience, a 10mg Watson Oxycodone tab seemed to work better and longer than two 7.5 Oxycodone tabs made by Mallinckrodt- and the same with Hydrocodone.

I also always preferred 7.5mg of Watson Hydro. or Oxy. to 10mg of the Mallinckrodt brand Oxy. or Hydro.


But I have no idea if it was an actually difference in the ingredients, an issue of freshness, or if it was just all in my head.


Oxycodone and Hydrocodone are the only two types of medication I have tried from both companies, so other than those, I have no idea.

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I've had to deal with extreme chronic low back pain for over twenty years now. One of the oddities that I have noticed is that Mallinckrodt's Hydrocodone is about twice as effect as their competitors such a Watson etc. Even the AMA has confirmed this about their Hydrocodone, I just don't know if it applies to any other meds.


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When it comes to Morphine, I

When it comes to Morphine, I prefer Mallinkrodt. Altough, the Watson brand Morphine works just about the same. The brand I HATE when it comes to Morphine is the Endo brand. They don't work at all. I actually go into withdrawals when I'm given them. Unfortunately it seems that in at least the 60mg strength that's the only thing around in my area right now.

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I also use the generic

Mallie morphine sulfate, they have nt let me down yet.

but believe that any pharmiecetiucal  company makes some bad run s on occassion, whether its bad ingredeints or poor quality control during the processing , after my wifes ordeal with Watson s hydrocodone, I won t lay no odds on nothing.


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 jon dekerguelen  Please

 jon dekerguelen  Please either supply a link to or copy and paste the information you have read stating that the AMA of all outfits has confirmed that Mallinckrodt makes a Hydrocodone combination product that is twice as effective as other generic products. Im having trouble believing that such a confirmation exists and find this post both questionable and laughable.

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Mallinckrodt oxycodone

I live in South Florida and it's hard to get my 15 mg prescription filled PERIOD.   It is a nightmare some months trying to find a pharmacy that has this medication in stock and many times I have to get them from my doctor.  Mallinckrodt seems to be the only brand available, with the exception of early August, CVS gave me the Actavis. 

In my opinion the Mallinckrodt oxycodone 15 mg work fine for pain relief.  This brand might have different products that some people find inferior, the same way I had a negative opinion with the Ethex tablets.  Stange that the Ethex liquid version worked very well for me, but the tablets seemed to not work at all!