Mallinckrodt - a poor manufacturer?

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Jeck You are correct Did

Jeck You are correct Did Roxane sell that oxy IR to another company for it comes up other than Roxanne. Is it Xanodyne? For as long as the 30 mg Oycodone IR have been on the market I have been prescribed them.  I have never gotten those. Hmm. That goes to show you that so many more in this room have more knowledge than a lot of Pharmacist's on certain I asked 2 pharmacists and they both told me the same thing,  that  there afre  only  3 Oxycodone IR's, well they obviously are wrong

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gcdylan, it is interesting

gcdylan, it is interesting that you point that out.Neither my doctor nor pharmacy (quite a few pharmacies actually) either told me that 30mg oxycodone IR did not exist or that they had never heard of it. I was taking 2 15mg Oxycodone IR for b/t pain and asked my dr. about the 30mg to be more efficient. He didnt think it existed until he looked it up on his palm pilot med list. Same with percocet 10/325, he was only aware of the 10/650 version back when I wsa using 10mg percs for b/t pain and was concerned about my daily apap intake as I was taking two at once sometimes multiple times daily to augment my 40mg (now 80mg) oxycontin dose. My doctors response in oth situations was patient one, dr. zero. Also I once at rite-aid had a pharmacist swear that there was no form of oxycodone 30mg IR and filled my script with #360 oxy 5mg IR instead of the #60 30mg tablets as written. It just said to take 6 at once instead of one 30mg tablet, talk about inefficiency! I called around to several pharms in Portland, OR and only one ( a mom and pop shop) carried them, suprising. Not even the pharmacy at a hospital/cancer center carried them and they usually carry every narcotic know to man
. Any Roxane and xanodyne are the same company, I'm speculating that roxane was bought out and/or merged with xanodyne and kept the xanodyne name, even though the majority of their P.M. products begin with a rox... Just re4cently, I printed out a list of all the common imprints from this site and showed it to my doc, he was in awe of how many different formulations and manufacturers exist, just for oxycodone, hydrocodone, propoxyphene, morphine, and tramadol. Also, I am wondering why this list does not include hydromorphone products? Anway I'll wrap it up now but as a note to the original post, both my doctor and a pharmacist at safeway have had complaints as to mallincrodt products not being as effective as thier brand or other generic counterparts. Same with the teva and impax/dava generics of oxycontin. My doc writes D.A.W. on all my rx's now so I can get the brand on my pain meds and have insurance pay for it. Same co-pay, much better product.



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30 mg OxyIR

Interesting, I use Safeway too, and had the exact same thing happen to me when I was on Oxycontin, several years ago.  The Pharmacist (head guy, that did the ordering) didn't know the 15 or 30 mg existed until he looked them up when I came in to have a script filled.  A script that I had to have my doctor look up the meds, because he didn't know either.  Hmmm, makes you wonder sometimes.  What did we do before the internet???


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The long road of Roxicodone

See Here


and Here

In 2005 Xanodyne acquired aaiPharma, which owned the rights to several pharmaceutical drugs. One of the drugs was Roxicodone, which aaiPharma acquired the rights to from Elan Corporation LLC in 2003. And finally, lol, Elan Corporation acquired the rights to Roxicodone from Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane in 2001.

** in all instances, acquired means paid a boat load of money for**

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Thank you for the links,

Thank you for the links, Solo5010.  I still can't keep straight who makes what, for who, and who distributes for who, and under what name, etc. 


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 The easiest way to tell

 The easiest way to tell that I use, is to look at the full Prescribing Information. It usually tells at the very bottom of it who manufacturers the meds,who is the distributor and who markets it, if other than that company. As you know DailyMed has a huge selection of Prescribing Information sheets, so that helps when you are trying to figure out who makes a particular med.

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Ive been taking percocet for a bad back for over a year anyway I went to a different pharmacy this time and they gave me the m generic . My body is going thru withdraw and they are horrible. Now I'm stuck with this for 27 more days. Never again will I make this mistake. I hope others will read this and watch what they get before they leave the pharmacy.
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I've never noticed a difference in any of the generics or brand name and i've taken them all......By law all generics must contain the same amount of the active drug, possess the same rate of absorbtion in the body, the only lee way they have is on fillers/colors/shapes.  Otherwise it's the exact same meds. This is Federal Law. You might experience something different with a generic because of a dye they used, or a binder in the tablet, but otherwise i think it's psychosomatic...i.e all in your head....Just my thoughts, best of luck


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Ray, Apparently you haven't been keeping up with current events. Read the posts on this thread. You will find the Mackies have about a 99.9% negative approval rating. This is not a case of psychosomatic suggestion. The vast majority of people who post here need their medication in order to live some semblance of a normal life. Just like the poor guy who is stuck 27 days short of a new prescription because his CII medication is as useless as a bottle of generic tylenol. I myself have been a victim of this fraud.....and I do mean have numerous individuals with whom I have breached the subject. And by the way, There is either a 10 or 20 percent variance in the formulation of generic medications allowed by law. Mackie apparently takes full advantage of this loophole in order to produce their cheap, ragged, and ineffective product.




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This is true ad I have found

This is true ad I have found Malli. hydrocodone probably 10-15% as ineffective

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