kolonopins for anxiety

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Shirley there are circumstances that warrant a handful of medications. My point was for the 'what if' scenario   i.e. What if a person was on the fence about whether or not to take medication and instead of speaking w/their health professional they came here, to the home of all answers, the INTERWEB and while they were pushing little tiles this particular thread came up... One one hand they are inundated by folks that are telling/singing/writing that they NEED those meds and then there is me. 

So my comment was geared more for the common passerby or neophyte NOT the 'seasoned professional'   Like you'd typed before "cancer patients pretty much write their own Rxs....." as it should be. Is it enough?  I'm thinking when I'm dead they (the establishment) is going to confirm my suspicions that ingesting different chemicals wasn't in my best interest.

I'm certain many of your neighbors can talk story of how their forefathers lived into the 100s and still worked their crops, fished, hunted into their 90s before the expansion westward. When the 'settlers' brought with them their greed, vices and disease. But I'm thinking going this deep will lose my "target audience" w/my original statement.  

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hey quincy....yes i think it does have something to do with price because when i was ORIGINALLY Rx'd the prozac/amitryptiline combo i didnt have insurance and the price was 8.00 for both meds.now i DO have insurance but ive never made a big issue out of it since i feel my depression is "managable" (im still not a "happy go lucky" person like i once was but.....im hanging in.)and yes it makes me thirsty BIG TIME! I have discontinued the amitryptiline because the cons outweighed the pros so now im on just the prozac.(40mgs)

     this is my second month where i have had the 30 1mg klonopin Rx'd along with the 60 2mg xanax.when i wake around 7 am i take my pain medication and one 1mg klonopin.this keeps my anxiety "leveled" for most of the day. Around 3 or 4pm,i take my second dose of pain med and 9 out of 10 times 1 xanax tablet. around bedtime i take the last dose of pain med and very seldom will i need the second xanax pill.alot pf people tell me im doing this wrong and that i should take my largest dose of anxiety medicine at bedtime to help me sleep. YES,i know all benzos can act as a hypnotic and help you sleep but i dont have much trouble sleeping at night so i dont really need it...my other arguement to this theory is why take a 2mg xanax pill and go straight to sleep 15 minutes later? IM SLEEPING! lol  how can i feel any anxiety if im SLEEPING? this may be just me but i feel to take a benzo,hypnotic or ANY sleeping pill when you dont have trouble sleeping is a waste of the medication. this is just MY opinion though.

     This is only my second month on the klonopin so i do have a few questions about it but i will address them in a new post.in the meantime,i hope everyone has a pain and anxiety-free day!!Laughing