Klonopin was stunned.

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So I went to the pcp yesterday just wanting to know what I should do about my seizures and I thought she wasn’t going to do anything or just up my gabapentin. Well I was telling her in TN how they yanked me off of three mg a day with no sympathy. She was like they know your not supposed to do that. I told her I had a nocturnal seizure about two weeks ago. She said what do you want me to do? Well I said can we just up the gabapentin and with a stern answer she said NO! It’s at its max. She said why don’t you just continue the klonopin. Well. I told her I have no other option but to wean down because Doctor Hennessee in OKC last February only gave me three refills and I was able to wean off of one to .125 a day. She was like you’re going down to fast. I don’t have a problem giving it to you.

I was stunned. After being shunned by so many doctors in the last yr I was like what? But, I really didn’t even want it but it does reassure me I won’t be going through hellish withdrawals in the future. I am thankful that here in Oklahoma the laws on benzos haven’t really tightened but in TN you can’t get a gabapentin script without looking like a junky.

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 gabapentin has been in the news lately as a new drug to abuse.
I took it for many years and the side effects was not worth it to me for the slight relief it provided.
 I was at least 250 pounds when on it. 140 off.