SICK of using different Pharmacies every month .

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My mother had toxic poisoning

My mother had toxic poisoning from the (very small amount) liquid morphine that she was given to treat cancer pain. Her body stopped metabolizing the medication as it was meant to, it backed up in her system causing an overdose to which put her in a comatose state. This had a lot to do with the cancer attacking and being in her organs, as well as her liver.

I'm sure this isn't the answer to your question, but a persons body can and sometimes will stop metabolizing high amounts of opiates in certain situations. I only mentioned one that I'm aware of, but this is just an example of why it's important to remain healthy in all areas, regardless of CP and PM.

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i know what you mean punisher

I loive here in central florida as well, and i take oxycodone 30 mg too. I had to go too many pharmacies as well to get my medsi I finally found the place that always has my medication in stock and gets filled quickly. It's called the medicine shoppe in downtown kissimmee. I've been going there for 2 years now and never had a problem geting my meds.As a matter of fact everyone and their mothers go to that pharmacy because they always have oxy and other narcotic medication. The staff is friendly and never give you a hassle about what your getting.

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no shortage

im not rx'd oxycodone ir but my doctor is a pretty big fan of oxycodone and so far not much of a shortage here in the south..

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filing complaints

For the OP: i know this is an older thread and apologies if this has already been posted but if you have any problems with Walgreens - go to their website and contact their corporate office. Call and leave a message or email them. I had a person at their call center (who you talk to before they put you through to your own pharmacy when you call your local pharmacy) be rude to me and make me cry once. I called corporate and told them that and I got a call back with a voicemail that was like ten minutes long apologizing all over the place and saying they were opening an investigation to find out who it was (cause I didn't get her name) and that she was going to be dealt with because they don't put up with that. So if someone isn't filling a script that they are supposed to, the corporate office should be jumping all over that.

Don't waste your time with the local store manager, just go right to corporate. I'd suggest this for CVS as well. They make money from Medicare and Medicaid just the same as cash, and your prescriptions add up. Plus, Medicaid and Medicare patients talk to one another - and here you are on a message board talking to LOTS of people. So what you think of their companies IS important and so is your business. Don't let some random pharm tech intimidate you and drive you away. Their job is to serve you. Too bad if they don't like the way you look, "the cut of your jib", what your doctor prescribes you, and so forth. They are there to fill pill bottles and follow protocol and they can just do their jobs and mind their own business.

This really makes me angry on behalf of everyone mistreated. Imagine a storm cloud over my head!

To Greg: I am glad Walgreen's doesn't give you any problems. Thank you for your service to our country. You are very much appreciated.