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  The board over the last couple years has been pretty dormant due to Russian bots slamming the board with bot posts.
We had to shut down the easy access to new members with just a email provided gave the right to post a question .

  I hate to see all the work and knowledge shared over the years go to waste. 

 So we are going to try a opiate detox support/info forum.  Main thing that I ask is that posts stay clean and no tips on abuse.

I should be able to add some posters but I do hope some old pharmers are still on board.

thank you G.

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Sure thing man. It’s sounds

Sure thing man. It’s sounds like a promisingly idea.

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I'm in.

I am all for this becoming a thing, with one caveat added to the rules we have had in place since before I have been here: We have always stressed the importance of being civil with one another, and avoid flame wars. I will always do what I can to ensure conversations here stay civil. With that in mind, I would ask all members who participate in the discussions surrounding addiction approach all posts with an open mind, and a willingness to respond to threads in a manner that is constructive. I know that sounds odd coming from me, given my past posts regarding addiction, but I formed my opinions by having a willingness to admit when others had valid points, even if I personally did not agree with said points being presented.

So, if you see a post in the addiction topic that you do not agree with, you are not only within your rights to disagree; you are encouraged to post that you disagree, and we would love it if you would tell us why. I am going into this expecting very sensitive topics to be brought up. If someone says something you do not agree with, please, do not proceed to attempt to curse at them and call them names, and tell us that we couldn't understand unless we've been there. Let's all wear our adult hats, and calmly state, "I disagree with what you stated because.   ." 

This board is too valuable of an instrument to allow it to continue being dormant, so I am 100% in favor of this and am willing to have my beliefs changed (I am not an owner of this site, and had no hand in making this site as great as it is, so please do not take that as me boasting.)