Generic Suboxone tablets now available by Actavis and Amneal generic drug companies.

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Good news for suboxone patients.  There are 2 companies (actavis) and (amneal) who recently launched their approved versions of generic suboxone, (buprenorphine and naloxone tablets).






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Yet Purdue Pharma still

Yet Purdue Pharma still amazingly holds the patent on oxycontin and runs the whole pharmaceutical game charging people 14$ for a 80MG tablet.

I am always glad to see a cheaper option for people who may not have the money for name brand.I hope the generic suboxone des not taste to bad! Anybody know if they are making tablets and films? 

The whole Purdue Pharma oxycontin patent makes me want to puke! like oxycodone extended release is something still new!  oxycodone extended release haas been researched for many years before purdue got that patent in 96.

glad to see this thread. I cannot wait till I see a thread where purdues oxycontin patent is officially over!

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Purdue Oxycontin.

If I recall correctly,a pharmaceutical manufacturer holds the patent on a medication for 15 years.I could be wrong but it seems like I remember hearing this number from more than one person.If that is the case their patent will expire after next year so we should begin to see generic versions of this medication for significantly cheaper.Of course quality will vary,given the 20% degree of variance allowed by the FDA between name brand and various generic products.It's insane how much Oxycontin costs,especially considering,at least in my experience,that it's not all that potent of a medication.It is certainly inferior to MS Contin in effective analgesic effects.

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My personal info....plz this is my 1st

ive been on suboxone now for 11 months and it's hands down the best, *for Myself, without my long backstory I used to be on 220mg of methadone for 6yrs.... I live in Canada, can anyone tell me if this rumour is true? That being R.B discontinuing the tablets in favour for the film strips??
Plz say this is not so.....
On another note in Canada our subs flavour is Lemon, not Orange..... They also come in a foil pack that's perforated due to each dose having a thick seal much better then the original.... I'm on 8mg. P.S I can post Pics, I already have as I was studying Pharmacological Sciences. (Another story) but I have many many many pictures of everything and no copyright

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Re- (Jrot) Purdue oxycontin.

Jrot, I certainly do not wish to make you my enemy if I discuss the rush to conclusions in your "Purdue oxycontin" post. I prolly seem new to everybody...but really I am a VERY LONG & DEEP student of pharmacology from both a book-knowledge and experiential usage perspective since I was age 15, as now I am 58 1/2 yrs. I had forgotten about this great drug forum site when my computer no. 8 died (then I got no. 9, and after five yrs. now have had no. 10 for only a few months...its a great machine too). I registered on Pharmer 8 something yrs ago. I am almost an infinity away from knowing everything about drugs...but I am a good person to try if you have a question. So! Again, Jrot:
You said that for you MS Contin (morp[hine sulfate sustained action tabs) is better than OxyContin (oxycodone HCl sustained action tabs), both Purdue Frederick manufactured items, both in C-II in the U.S. All I am trying to say is..its complicated and you skipped so many things just to say that the morphine preparation's better than the newer oxycodone prep. How do you mean? I'll show ya why what you skipped was so paramount to what you said:
The only way virtually all if not all opioids are 100% bioactive is if they are both injected the same way. When an opioid, esp. morphine, is absorbed orally it undergoes "first pass metabolism" by the liver, mostly the only organ that converts drugs to inactive forms by adding side-chains to the drug's molecule, after which the kidneys send the inactivated molecule out of the body in the urine. Now different opioids are absorbed orally by variant amounts: if you take some morpine and swallow that, only 10% survives inactivation after it is absorbed by membranes in the stomach and duodenum (first third of small intestine). In contrast if you took the same amount of oxycodone instead of the morphine, approx. 50% of that dose survives liver inactivation to be liberated into general systemic (and thus brain) circulation. Over 4-6 hrs. whatever either the morphine or oxycodone that survived first pass will slowly bind to hepatocytes in the liver, get conjugated with a glucuronide group, and then be excreted out of the body via the kidneys. It is a biological miracle that a liver cell, which looks pretty much like a plain old cell, can seek out, bind, and process, literally over 50,000 separate organic molecules, but they do. Don't ask me how they know how. It is mundane, yet, like a supernatural miracle. So is how the kidney excretes then selectively absorbs back many basic chemicals such as sodium, potassium, chloride, other electrolytes, the body's water quantity, metabolized drugs, and with the help of the brain can vary each according to flexibly keeping each ion in near perfect continual balance.
Then we go into something for opioids called "equianalgesia". For instance, if injected subcutaneously, the standard full dose of morphine sulfate is 10mg. Provided you have no developped tolerance, a 10mg dose is quite sufficient, anybody would think so, and they would feel really good but not be so affected that they would nod off. The reason again that injection is superior for opioids is because propelling the morphine into the under the skin fatty tissue in your thigh will not become preprocessed by the liver upon getting absorbed. There is no first pass metabolism, only the slow systemic metabolism. So you know that all of your dose gets to effect the opioid receptors in the brain, not just 10% of your dose, as is the case for oral morphine. When injected, the dose of oxycodone HCl equianalgesic to a standard 10mg of morphine sulfate is also 10mg. (this is only coincidental, since for other opioids the mg's are different). Take Dilaudid, brand of hydromorphone HCl. It's injected equivalence to 10mg of MS (morphine sulfate) is 2mg, and additionally, it only lasts for 3 hours, not the 4 hrs that morphine lasts, or the 4-6hrs that oxycodone lasts. Don't forget drugs have their own durations of effect. Which governs how often one takes them. Sustained action tablets have many other names. SR (sustained release), ER (extended release), the tradename-sffix "-Contin" PF employs, and on and on. I choose to always use "SA" in my head, but if you chose "ER" I would be no more proper than the abbreviation you use, as this phenomenon has never attained a single correct name or term for itself.
Thirdly change things around because we switch to oral instead of injectable administration, and secondarily switch to "SA" preparations, both having a duration of 12 hrs. (After 12 hrs there is still a little drug activity remaining, but it is small, and is considered subtherapeutic, so at this point if still in pain it is time for the next dose to be given).
10mg MS Contin.........yields only 1/10 of a full dose of morphine for 12 hrs. On the other hand:
10mg OxyContin.........yields 1/2 of a full dose of morphine for 12 hrs. Remember, oral morphine is only 10% absorbed into systemic circulation, while for oxycodone orally 50% is systemically absorbed, and 1 mg injected morphine has the same analgesia as 1 mg oxycodone.

THIS is why its not doing ppl a favor to simply say drug A is better than drug B, since both A & B are similar opioids used to treat the same amount of pain, psychological suffering, and dysphoria. Whew! That was a mouthful LOL!