Generic Percocets = Watson vs. Mallinckrodt

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What do you guys do, ask the

What do you guys do, ask the pharmacy you go to what they have and if you don't like it go somewhere else?

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Getting what you want

Yep that is precisely what I do. The pharmacy I go to now will order what ever it is I ask for.

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Absolutly major diff. When I fill my oxy's I specificaly call pharmacy the day before and order Roxi. Malin's absolutly su**. for sure. Sorry for the language but to me it is a major diff.

By the way welcome to the site...

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mallinckrodt 30 mg and eth 446 30mg

when I picked up my pills from the pharmacy  eth 446 cost more money them the pill's I get.  m/30mg  are 1.00 a each ,eth 2.00 a each.Also I don't fine eth 446 as  strong as mallinckrodt 30 mg.  Is  it possible that they are both the same,and it is me that feels that way about them?

Did anybody run into the same problem?


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your question

 I too was surprised when I went to another pharmacy and got the white round watson 10/325 percocet , I did not think they worked well .

In my experience the best is the endocet they are oblong and yellow.

 Good luck......

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in my opinion, watson are,

in my opinion, watson are, by far, better than Mallinckrodt, and i dont care what anyone on here says. and it isnt a mental thing for me, cuzi have always thought that, even before i really knew what the differences were

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Im going to have to agree and disagree. The brand name endocet are defently the best but, I disagree The watson brand 932 is great I think they are very effective and a quality generic offering.

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endocet and watson

I've been taking endocet 10/325 for 7 years. One time I had the script filled at Walmart.

They gave me Mallinkrodt brand and they were quite inferior. It's one of the few times I

could tell a difference with a generic product. Another time, CVS gave me WATSON's.

They were not as bad as the "mallies" but still noticeably weaker than the Endocet brand.

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recently had to accept watson instead of the endocet and maybe its because i have been taking the endos but these watsons seem to work better.,,,will ask for endo next pharmacy visit though.

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Oxycodone brand vs generic and their manufacturers

I just had to put my 2 cents in here.  Although most posts are right in that generic oxycodone IS indeed weaker than its generic "equivalents", however, it not necessarily the manufacturer that makes them weaker or stronger.  I have been on oxycodone 10/325s for over 5 yrs now and I, too, have my preferred manufacturers.  Please remember that Endo pharmaceuticals are the originators of Percocet however, they now produce primarily the generic equivalent.  Feel free to research this fact.  Now, the FDA has strict guidelines on approval of generic equivalents for brand medications and oxycodone is no exception.  In order for the approval of the sale of any generic the manufacture MUST prove that the same amount (yes, even the percentage, if you will) of active ingredients are equal to that of the brand.  Again, I do agree that certain generics are indeed less or more effective than their counterparts/competitors.  You must understand that although  the generic MUST contain the exact amount of the active ingredients (oxycodone and acetomenophen) the fillers are the inactive ingredients that are not so regulated.  This has a substantial effect on the way that your body absorbs, breaks down and processed those active ingredients.  While one manufacturers version is stronger to one person and weaker to another is only a result of your individual physiology.  Everyone's body breaks down and absorbs medication differently no different than foods.  Some of us like spicy food and others can't eat it.  Medication is the same way.  I have heard a lot of complaints about Mallinkrodt vs Watson and so on.  I want anyone trying to judge what manufacturers' generic will be better to realize that only you can determine that by experience.  Most pharmacies (retail), in my experience, as well as hospital pharmacies purchase their "stock" from companies such as McKesson and other distributors and as such they tend to chose which ever manufacturer has the more economical price at the time of ordering.  While more often than not, most retailers tend to carry the same manufacturer's products due to the cost effectiveness and not the complaints of patients.  I have yet to discover a pharmacy that will give a patient/customer the "choice" of generic manufacturer unless you request them to special order them for you, which some will do.  Some, not all, as it is more or less up to the discretion of the Pharmacist, offer the patients the option of purchasing the brand medication depending on the options of your payment methods (i.e, insurance coverage, allowance).  Others do not.  I would, however pay attention to the manufacturer that you do purchase and make notes of the effectiveness of the generics you've experienced.  For example, I will not use Watson, McNeil because the fillers tend to upset my digestive system and seem to be less effective in pain management.  Over the years I've learned to be mindful and ask my pharmacist (who can truly answer your technical questions you have regarding whether all generics have the same amount of oxycodone and acetomenophen).  I have been in the pharmocological industry since 2004 and have seen and heard so many conflicting information that I hope that this may help anyone who is having difficulty deciding how to get the relief they expect out of their medication, especially with regard to oxycodone.  (Brand Names: Endocet, Magnacet, Percocet, Primalev, Primlev, Roxicet, Tylox, Xolox).  Remember that there are numerous sites on the WEB that can help you with your research.  My advice, stick to those that are reputable, medical facilities and medical professionals or you, as I have so many times, found myself so frustrated over conflicting information that I give up.  Pain is an awful thing to endure and unfortunately with the abuse and paranoia that comes with taking oxycodone and other opiates, many patients are being thrown under the bus to fend for themselves.  Be honest with your physicians, take care of yourself and although it may take several doctors and possible several years, there IS a doctor out there that does care about helping people and all hope is NOT lost.  I know, I've lost that hope several times since my brain injury in '06 which is when my life of pain began.  I have just recently found a physician who referred to me as a colleague vs a patient.  Wow!  Did that feel great.  We are working together to find the cause of pain and control it as well.  What a concept.  Good luck all!  Learn all you can but remember not everything you read is true and accurate.