Filling Generics Each Month--(No Coverage)

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Haven't posted in a LONG time; Hope everyone is doing Okay in their respective areas...

So, I'd like some tips/comments/etc. on my (annoying) routine that I have had to deal with for the last 7-Months...

  • Generic Subutex--8MG/#120: Getting this filled is like trying to fill Desoxyn or Opana-ER. I call around to see which pharmacy if any, will carry the Hi-Tech generic version, which I have become accustomed to after switching from the films after my insurance went out at the beginning of this year (27-Years Old). Pharmacists don't even bother with "We don't currently have them in stock, but I could order them..." These people want NOTHING to do with me or my potential business. Its like handing them an RX that reads 'RADIOACTIVE WASTE'...
  • Generic Adderall--30MG/#60: Barr Labs (Teva) kind is no where to be found here in Metro-Detroit. It literally disappeared... The only alternative is the Core-Pharma generic which is easily 60% effective with a littany of adverse affects... I even went so far as to call the company and explain the problem. No help what-so-ever. I Guess I can deal with the Core; but here is my prime question with Adderall-IR: 1.) Is there an Actavis generic available? Searched and searched, couldn't find a shred of evidence. 2.) Walgreens turned me away from filling my Adderall there due to not having any coverage. I walked in, asked if they had any in stock & what generic. The tech takes my script back to look, after looking--turns around and talks to the head-pharmacist whom mumbled something at which point I was asked if I had any-coverage. I said no at which point I specifically heard: "Not for that one..." {WTF? Isn't that distance discrimination??} I did read from an internal WG-Memo stating that patients whom are: Young//No Health Insurance//Narcotic Med (S2 and so on) are red-flagged... Can I do anything about this?
  • Pharmacy Ordering + 'RX-Bottle Dates': The pharmacy I primarily use had my Subutex waitlisted for 8-days back in MAY. Ever since then, I have had to wait 28-days (with my doctor 'authorizing' a 2-day early fill) from the date that they dispensed the RX after they got it in stock. *Isn't this the pharmacies problem/fault??? Why should I have to mess with my carefully attuned RX-Regiment when they have made the mistake of not having it in stock? (They put me down as a consistent patient back in August, but that didnt help my predicament now...) *I have been looking for a local pharmacy that accepts Good-RX; and will fill it to "Reset" the primary pharmacy's mistake...

I appreciated any and all who read/comment on this set of minor-obstacles. I am sure there are much tougher hurdles for those of you within the monthly opioids for pain sector; so I dont mean to make my situation out to be overtly harsh in any form. I know some of you guys are treated like junkies when you fill your regular and legitimate pain meds; and I know I was part of a large group of people that helped the "epidemic" increase--and for that I am truly sorry.

Regards, Hexel

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By the numbers . . .

#1  Calling for availability, for  generic brands:  you know how busy and understaffed/undertrained these chain pharms are, I'm happy when they  get my name right on the second try. You're right though, that is no excuse for the outright rudeness of these people. I found a local, Brand New CVS store kitty corner to the old Wallgreen's. I figured that people would flock to the CVS but no, they were used to the abysmal service at WG and anyway, most had their Rx's on file there. So we made it a point to cultivate the manager of the pharm at CVS, boy were we right. Mike treats us great. He is the only pharmacist in 4 years that for almost two years now has always gotten my Fentora scropt right I mean, come on, this one Rx is worth over $12,000 a month. With a markup of just 10% that's $1,200 in the profit column. For that kind of money they can afford to be polite but not at the WG!

#2  ordering a specific generic, they might make it sound easy but it actually a real PITA for tham to do. I wish they would tell you that up front but they never do. On the age discrimination there is little I can do except to admit that it is there, everywhere you go. It s u c k s but there you have it.

#3  WG would get me 1/2 of my Fentoras Rx on time, the 600mcg  #112, but they would come up with a new excuse every month for why I would have to wait another week for the #28  box of 800 mcgs. BS for the rest of your problem in that section, refer to answer #2

i appreciate your honesty about being a former street buyer and, in truth, it's not the stret buyer who REALLY screws it up for us it's the large scale pill mils and the big time diverters that have somehow gotten  script for over 500 Oxy 30s  and goes to sell them. The companies that make the pills just look at the bottom line . . . They know that something is fishy when a phrm ordered # 50,000 Oxy 30s last year and the net it's #2,000,000. This is a true story . . . Q