FDA's New Stance on Buprenorphine/Methadone + Benzodiazepine Use

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Well, take the time to read this link that I put at the end of this, as I don't have a whole lot to say on the matter. No word yet on whether this stance reversal will extend to pain patients on other opioids. For what it's worth, Methadone and Buprenorphine are also used in pain management, and I doubt, very highly, that they posses any data to that would indicate other, short acting opioids, are any worse of a combination than Methadone or Suboxone. Give them two more years, and they may get around to fully admitting their original data was either extremely fabricated, or non-existent. 

Here is the Link to the Pharmactimes article. I'm sure they link to the FDA's site somewhere in the article, but I have had this page loaded for way too long, forgot to post it, and honestly, I forget whether the link to try FDA site is even in it. If not, I'll fix it later.


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thought i visit the "old neighborhood"

 on klono with seroq to sleep along with my usual opER.

 it's been a long time gtrplayer. we both have been around for over a decade+ now.

i remember the early OD's were "methadone and benzos"  that was like gas and a match" remember? many deaths attributed to that combo

i can say that it pushed the limits with the seroquel if you take more than 50 mg and definately DON"T EAT within 6 hours before you lie down for bed YMMV.

This is the first post Ive read in the old forum.  Many of us feel under attack. I read the definitions of "terrorism" and I must say we that benefit from meds are being "TERRORIZED"! I wonder if a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR will throw Christie in JAIL? For Terrorizing a large section of AMERICAN CITIZENS..I doub't it  HE was A FEDERAL; PROSECUTOR...

I wonder where the manufacturers are? They have to be being promised something in exchange for the deafening silence,

My day is coming soon. I am hopeing I am not axed but in 5 days I will know. And wish I could avoid this next appointment but I can't . For those that believe please pray and for those that don't ...try...




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We need God on our side

Dear mcs7, Good luck and sending prayers to ya.I went through ???$* before my last (appointment last week)And it does no good to worry.I wrote a reply I think you should read under the "doctors cutting back on prescribing" forum to answer GTR Players question(was a decent question)I know we are ALL under attack, but in my case, I give the other side ammo.That's just who I am and please do not 'bully me" I DO understand.I have been fighting for my pain patients rights for over 30 years or more and find it so distasteful that a cheeseburger addict(Chriss)is in charge of the "opiate crisis" It is far worse in Florida as that Governor Rick Scott wants to limit the opiates to a 3 day supply instead of a 7 day(both are childish)My hope is the pharmacies.I have friends who run a few Ma and Pa shops, and they ask me how I feel about this "soar" subject.I feel abused, that's how I feel......I called NBC till NBC passed me up to a private number at their "Intake" department.All news and powerful stories have a B side and it's just a matter of time before the newsies air one, most likely a celebrity who needs major pain meds to get by.I wish you only good luck at your appointment and beyond, RD

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I didn’t read the link as I

I didn’t read the link as I will later. Anyways I want to tell you guys I’m sorry. I see my folly in life. My addiction started when my PTSD flared up. I wanted to be a preacher but my dreams got sliced and diced by anxiety.

So I started buying Xanax off the streets until I found a doc that was willing to prescribe me klonopin. He passed in 2015 and in 2017 I moved to TN where they are so strict on everything. You can hardly get a gabapentin prescription without looking like a addict. From 2008 to about a month a go I was abusing opiates not all the time but until two years ago I could get it without really any trouble.

I sought a sub doctor because I knew this was going to be the thing that kills me. You have to be willing to quit in order for Suboxone to work. I see sights showing how to abuse subs and I shake my head. I feel sorry for all of us who are dealin with some sort of ailment. Mine is more mental than anything.

But even my sub doctor said that most ppl with ptsd start to abuse opiates to escape. So here I am today thankful I found something that could help me. I have pain issues but their more background noise than anything else.

If I saw a PM doctor it would kill me. So guys know I’m sorry for making it harder for y’all even tho I’ve never been busted for anything. I still made it harder by not using the stuff correctly.