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I was wondering if anyone had expierence with Dava's "S903" green 2mg Xanax. I just filled my prescription and got these instead of my usual yellow ones produced by Purepac. I have a few of my "old" ones left over from last month, so I haven't tried these yet; just wanted to get some opions on them. Also, I MISS THIS WEBSITE! But life gets busy and its good to be back. Thanks in advance!

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Dava - green tablets (alprazolam)

In response to Pawlwall23, I also had several hundred of the Dava green bars. Mine came from a K-Mart pharmacy in Vancouver, WA.. Mine were scored into thirds. This seemed quite odd to me as some people would find it difficult to manage a certain dosage and instead of a regular 2mg. alprazolam (Xanax)-VS- a tablet divided into thirds. Since I took more than one at a time I will say they were just as good as any other generic alpraz that I've had over the 25+ yrs that I have been taking them. FYI: I did e-mail Dava Pharma and explained how the 1/3 tabs could be very dangerous to a patient who may have bad eye sight, etc. and could easily under or overdose their patients. Surprisingly they returned my e-mail and said they were considering the change. As of last year-- still no change. I hope this info helps.