CDC Opioid 90 mg limit not for pain management

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IMPORTENT NEWS IMPORTENT NEWS IMPORTENT NEWS : Well I had informed a few people here who i shant name that as a reporter i would get the dope on our dope so to speak and after countless hours(200)and many,many,even more many calls and interviews and after being told by doctors and nurses that a 50-09mg limit was "law"as per the CDCs guidelines I called the CDC and told them I was a reporter for  church paper on drug free lifestyle's and  was faxed 3 artcles along with the 11 page CDC guidelines expanded copy and as i read it i found that this 90mg cieling was for GPs and was a so called "trigger" for a doctor to consult witha pain specialist and not a ammount to restrcit patients too! And reading further I found that many other articles have come out saying loads and loads of people are suffering and even dying  because of it (90mg limit) I also contacted a reporter for a LA based newspaper who caught my eye running articles along the same lines. John  Kennedy's grandson a former addict was also talking about the dangers of under perscribing. So i went to my pain clinic and plopped down a stack of my paperwork and prepared to make my case and protect my medication limit of 220 mme , but my  doctor had alreday heard of my efforts and took my files anyway and asked me why do I spend my time and energy on this? Well I informed him,"alot of damage to ALL pain patients has been done it will take alot of desemination of the truth to undo it,and what better a task for me?"