Brand name Roxicodone 20mg/ Zohydro 20mg

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does any1 know if theres a brand name Roxicodone 20mg like there is for the 5mg 15mg n 30mg?? as of now im Rxd Oxycodone 20mg #90 OxyContin 40mg #60 Zohydro 20mg #60 n Klonopin 2mg #60....the 20s dosage is every 8hrs and its IMPOSSIBLE for me 2 w8 8hrs in between doses especially when theyre only supposed to last no longer than 3-4hrs!!!!! the generics ive got for the 20s were the K57s 371s NP 14s the oxyir sandoz ones....but it seems tht each different generic helps different parts of my back.....the zohydro doesnt do much at all and its super EXPENSIVE and no prescription insurance covers it yet....the OxyContin doesnt do THAT much for me cuz i can only i have it twice a day.....i finally found a dr whos going to give me a little more than the equivalent of the overall mgs of all the meds im currently on in oxycodone 30s....i personally find the a215s k9s u24s alg265s 54199s v4812s m30s n the cor226s the best....i should b getting anywhere from 180-240-360 a month does any1 kno if i can get different generics for each 100 tablets im prescribed because im pretty sure my pharmacy will do it and also does any1 whos got spinal cord injuries have any suggestions on what alleviates severe pain the LONGEST out of all the oxycodone 30mg generics?? my insurance formulary will cover up to 300 tablets of the oxycodone immediate release and 120 of the OxyContin no matter what mgs im prescribed....i mean even if i had to pay outa pocket its worth it cause i need it soooo bad.....but if any1 can please just let me know what brand or generic of the 30s works the best 4 their spinal pain id b most appreciative!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks



im also open to any advice/suggestions to help me make my medication alleviation last as long as possible in between dosages,,,,,,,,thanks =D