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I was going to ask if anyone has had any experience taking any of Amneal's line of products (specifically Xanax XR).  However I know alot of forum goers and posters here have probably had another kind of product experience with Amneal. Does anyone find Amneal to be atleast an average pharma brand? I recently had to change insurances and since I was used to the Greenstone Xanax XR, I'm wondering if my medicine will change in quality maybe as I've maybe seen talked about in other posts about hydrocodone and such.


any input would be great, thanks again

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In MY personal experience you

In MY personal experience you have to make your own decisions after trying them yourself. I've seen many folks and tell how great one generic company is and I had only bad experiences with that same company. From what I've been told generics are allowed a 10% window that their meds can be altered with fillers which in turn may enhance or lower YOUR personal experiences. I try everything MYSELF 1st. If I have issues, then I 'go to' my pharmacit, then to the internet. It works best FOR ME. I am not a follower of what everyone else does/thinks. I've had some nice surprises with some of the generics...and only ONCE have I had to return a med and chance to another generic...and it was not a narc or benzo or any mood alterer. Get to know and make your pharmacist a friend...just my 2 cents worth.

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Amneal -- Xanax XR 3MG

Hi, haven't posted in a very long time..

Anyways, my pharmacy carried Mylan brandXanax XR, which at first I was weary of as their Xanax IR line is dreadful... But, they were quite effiecient and never had any problems. Fast forward a few months >>> They're all out of Mylan's, so I received Amneal and felt absolutely NO PHARMOKINETIC DIFFERENCE

So, in short, I wouldn't worry about it. Although they could have been sitting around your pharmacy for up to 1 (possibly 2 years) as they are usually the 'back-up' some medications in my experience.

[I hope this helped! I also wish you luck with your treatment... Remember, this is from my own experience...]

<<EDIT: Just remembered you get Greenstone Xanax XR (which is essentially name brand) -- In that case, with Amneal's, I would expect you MAY feel that the tabs are slightly less potent>>

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So its day 5

of taking the new generic Amneal line Xanax XR. It seems, like the Amneal has a longer onset time, higher peak, and a lower baseline of the xanax in my system. I'm not at the point where I am watching the clock for my next dose but there is a difference between Amneal and Greenstone Xanax XR. Interestingly there is only 1 inactive ingredient that is different between the 2 generics and its interesting how it seems to change the medications effectiveness.

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Greenstone is excellent

It now escapes me what I was switched to after my stint with Greenstone Xanax XR, as it was clear to me that the Greenstone brand carried a notably stronger punch, as the medicine began to calm my nerves. This was especially obvious as I compared my highly stressful experiences abroad while prescribed the Greenstone generic, while getting back stateside, things calmed in my life, yet I was more stressed. I was switched at this point to the other generic. Say what you will of that observation, but all in all I typically don't notice too much a difference between generics. However, with alprazolam extended release I did.

Hope this helps,


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Greenstone Xanax

I have a severe panic disorder and I am RXd Xanax IR,2mg/4x daily.I have been on this medication for years (as well as other benzos at different times.I have noticed that,while most generic Xanax is pretty much the same and on par with the name brand,Greenstone(white G3722 imprint) seems just a little better.Just my experience but if Greenstone were not available for whatever reason come refill time,my second choice would be Sandoz.The yellow Actavis R039 used to be a top choice for me but ever since their merger with Watson,the products of both seem to have gone down hill.I know everyone's body chemistry is different but,with the long experience I've had with many brands of different benzos (and Xanax in particular since that's what works best for me),I hope this helps someone who is prescribed this medication with choosing a generic alprazolam product.

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I get Amneal brand Oxycodone

I get Amneal brand Oxycodone 20mg n I personally think that it works better than KVK Tech, Caraco, Zydus n helps my pain in both my lumbar n thoracic..the next best 4 me r the KVKs..I used to get the xanax 2mg but never had the xanax xr how r they compared to the normal 1s. .I kno that they make a 3mg xanax xr I was thinking about changing my klonopin bak to xanax again n I just wanted to know if there's a significant difference between the 2 besides 1 lasting longer. .does it hit u every hr n is it stronger than the normal 1s??