100% FAKE OC 80's.. seen 'em yet?

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I Hate This Topic

Okay, I hate the fact I actually am responding to this, but there is a very easy way of handling your "fake" Oxycontin. If you were prescribed this medication, and feel that the pharmacy gave you fake scripts, contact your state board of health and/or your state board of pharmacy. They can run tests on the medication, and decide which route to go from there.

As a side note, to everyone who has received fake Oxycontin from a dealer, WHO CARES? Are we supposed to have sympathy towards you for not being able to abuse a drug? This whole topic has become assanine, and I hate that I actually responded to it. If it's not prescribed to you, quit complaining if you get fakes.



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Is there any way this


Is there any way this thread can just be closed?

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