Legs that hurt so bad in the morning

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Ok, for the last six months I have been having aching pain in my legs.

It is often there when I wake up and I have to drink something with caffeine in it and take ibuprofen to help ease the pain. I noticed that throughout the day it does seem to get better but before bed my lower back starts to hurt.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I fired my last MD because he said all I do is come in and complain of pain. So I said well that's a good indicator that someone needs your help.

So here I am without a doc and mind you I don't want pain pills. I just want to feel like I used to. Many of you know me. Some of the newer members probably not. I deal with a lot of mental anguish from OCD to MDD with psychotic features. I'm just here to see if anyone here can help me with what's going on in my legs.