Hydromet vs Hycodan generic brands

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I haven't posted in quite awhile, but I"m curious on your experiences vs mine with Hycodan and Hydromet Cough Syrup.            I'm prescribed 160Z of Hycodan Syrup for my Chronic coughs when I get sick and I've noticed a huge differience between different manufactures when it comes to this medication.  I ususally go to CVS and get the MGP brand and that works excellent and is strong.  My usual directions on the bottle are 5ml every 4-6 hrs as needed for cough. I went to CVS to fill my presciption and for the first time they didnt have a full bottle and since Hydrocodone is a sch 2 now they just cant give me 8oz/partial; and give me the rest without losing the other half?  I had to go to Walgreens, because they had several bottles of Hydromet(same indrediants, but Activas brand).  The difference is huge!!!! It took 15ml just for the cough med to work and I know, because this is the secomd time I had the Hydromet brand and remembered how weak it was,  Compared to the Mortan Grove Pharamcy Brand and the Activas brand is a huge dufference pain wise and cough suprresent wise. I actually perefer the MPG Hycodan to Tussionex! Has anyone noticed a large difference in the Hycodan MPG brand compared to the Hydromet Activas ? Thank you , Lou 

CVS carries the Mortan Grove Brown bottle around my area in the Bay Area and Walgreens carries Activas white bottle(formally brown).p.s please forgive my punctuation , my laptop and vision is not the best right now.

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