hospitals and Pain Management

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Just a short time ago I was taken by amblunence to the hospitals E.R. after a few tests and given the time late at night I was feeling semi comfertable however in great pain.the doctor there or one of the doctors informed me that he wwas giving me a shot of Toradol! To this i objected(Toradol can shoot your kidneys in 5 dys or less)haven let them take my blood and a "faxt track urine test' for a tox screen Iasked for a more potent injection.both doctors agreed and was given Morphine as i take MS Contin every day. After  short while i was wheeled uo to a private room where I receaved a shot every 4 hours.It turns out that I  i did have a basis for my pain and it seems i had internal bleeding probaly aused by a popular new blood thiner and i informed my hospital doctor that I neede to stop.(my pain mangement doctor agreed with me.Before i wanted to increase my medication but withdrew that request.We should be happy with what we are given and trying to "fool"the system is wrong and it will catch up with you!!!! have a nice weekend and Peace, RD