Doctors cutting back on perscribing

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I'm not to sure about that-

I'm not to sure about that- could be a state law thing. The pharmacy said they needed approval from my insurance for me to pay the cash price before they would fill it..I finally got the insurance to fax some form to the Dr.'s ofiice (using the RIGHT fax number instead of the one they had on file). Dr submitted the form and I am approved for a "qty override" for the next year. What a PITA. Probably should of just went back to my Dr. a month early and had him double the dosage/half the pills and saved the hassle. He is very reasonable about things. He knows because of MY unique circumstances I can't follow dosage instructions and submit to all the testing and such that a pain management contract would make him submit me to. ( I drive a truck OTR 5 days a week and can't take them while driving- I load up heavy on NSAIDS that are tearing up my stomach, I take the hydros on my days off to give my stomach a break). What really worries me is the clinic he works at has been bought by a "medical group" and his freedom to dispense painkillers as he sees fit may be ending because of corporate interference.

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Government trying to ban more pain meds

I just watched the Today show on NBC and heard a story that a "concerned" group of people are sending "citizens letter" to Congress asking for a ban on Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Morphine and 4 other medications.A 90Mg of Morphine rule of law is what they are asking and a total ban unless you have cancer or palliative end of life pain. I can inform them of our side of this issue.I called the Today show and spoke briefly with a lower level editor and am awaiting a call back so I can present our side of this urgent issue.I was also a next door neighbor of Kevin Tibbles a reporter for NBC News.If we allow them to take away these medications they will as the doctor at NBC today said she believes this possible since in July Opana fell by the wayside thanks to this dangerous and my opinionYell "terrorist" group. Oh, they messed with the wrong person today......................UPDATE: I was asked to send proof of my being in the local pain program which I did along with sending a picture of one of their top reporters Kevin Tibbles and myself playing guitar.So what I am saying is I may be going on the Today show to present my side of the opioid story for us all.

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Thank you, Rocker Dan

I've spent most of the morning in tears. I have quite a bit of pain. I was cut from 240mg of Oxycodone a day to 60 mg a day. Very rarely did I ever take the full 240, but it helped to know it was available, if needed. I don't know how to manage now. I did everything right, and yet, I'm still being penalized because a segment of the population chooses to remain uneducated about chronic pain. Anyone else having trouble with dosage reductions?

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240mg to 60mg seems

240mg to 60mg seems completely unreasonable all at once. Did the Dr give you a reason as to why he/she has cut your dose to 1/4 of what it used to be? If this was his/her plan all along, they should have stepped you down incrementally. 

I know there are some drs who claim that they have to cut patient dosage down. There are no laws in place that state this. There are also no laws in place that state certain medications can not be prescribed at the same time. There are "guidelines" that the CDC has circulated, but on the CDC website, they admit there are some instances the guidelines should not be followed, and that each case should be handled on a patient by patient basis. 

With all of that out of the way, it should also be noted that if a Dr is working for a business, and does not own his/her own private practice, the Dr may be bound by a corporate decision that they either follow, or are terminated. I have ran into this myself as a pain patient with panic disorder (which has somehow managed to turn into manifesting as an anger/no tolerance for stupidity disorder). My psych Dr saw my statewide prescription monitoring report, and was able to see I had been prescribed Klonopin for the past 12 months from my previous psych doc who up and quit practice at the place he worked for. Even after acknowledging the panic disorder, she stated that the policy of her employer, which is a business, is to not prescribe benzodiazepine to patients on a narcotic pain medicine. While I understand it to some extent, it still makes life a mess. I hate the way I have become, and it does nothing but fester in my mind about how much better I was this time a year ago. I don't excuse my behavior as being a result of not having a certain medicine, though. I went from dealing with stress everyday, with no stress at all from my end- to thinking everyone around me are making mistakes on purpose, and dreading every single day. This, alone, explains why I have such a disdain for the OD'ing crowd, as well as this drastically over emphasized epidemic. Yes, people are overdosing, but it's not on pharmaceuticals for the most part. So, this entire group blaming big pharma can get lost as far as I'm concerned. You don't see us pain patients starting a movement for better parenting, better husband/wiving, or better friendshipping because we don't blame those people for an addict's behavior. Heck, we don't even blame the addict. We treat them over and over and over, with Narcan. 

Yes, something needs to change. No, it isn't the dr's prescrbing habits.