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I live in a populer vacation spot in between two large citys where people come to celabrate holidays and go boating or swiming,or to just to hang out and have a real "laid back" approach to escape the inner city life in general.While sitting on my balconey my friend saw a local police car stop and to officers head into the park where vacationers cook out and walk thier dogs or just meet and talk about random events that are hapening or just finished hapening.The two uniformed officers walked up on a man around 20 something and kneeled down to talk to him,probaly to ask him to "move on" as the big day was over(at least for now) and the "roamers"or homeless people usualy hit the road or fade away back into the countryside till the next weekend .The police bent down to check out this person who lie still,my freind and me looked on with a pair of binoculers and saw what we hoped was not going on right in front of us.We were on the fourth floor of my condo and could see(and hear) a distent wail of sirens and I told my friend this person who had his camping stuff all around him was dead.  As he lie there oh so very still.When the fire/rescue appered on scene 4 or 5 medical tech's came down to near a river that runs through the park,but no strecher went along with them.The police and fireman and paramedics seemed to do nothing in the way of life saving procedures.Slowly a gurnee(strecher) was slowly broght down and the entire group of first responders gathered up this mans belongings and lifted him onto the gurnee and walked up hill ever so slowly.This man had overdosed and that was it.No fanfare,no onlookers no media,just a guy seemingly looking to relax after a long holiday week who now will have no wories about where to sleep or how to obtain his next meal,as Jerry Garcia sang,"Death has no mercy in this land."